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(100) Hostage Paper Shooting Targets Silhouette – 23″x35″ Made in USA




Test your marksmanship skills with these high-quality paper shooting targets proudly made in the USA. Our silhouette hostage targets measure 23″ x 35″ and feature a human outline with 7 scoring rings for competitive target practice.

Practice Shooting Skills on Realistic Targets

Elevate your training with targets that mimic real-world situations. The silhouette design provides a human-shaped aiming point to practice hostage rescue shots or test specialized skills like precision shooting.

The bold torso outline stands out against a clean white background with faint crosshairs for centering your shots. The scoring rings start at the chest and range from 5 points up to 10 points on the head shot. Tally up your hits to gauge performance and track progress with your firearms training.

Full-Size Targets Designed for Any Range

With dimensions of 23″ x 35″, these targets are big enough for shooting at longer distances. Challenge your aim at a variety of ranges, whether you’re shooting in close quarters or out past 100 yards. The large format also makes them easy to see and score.

The paper targets feature a durable cardstock paper construction that can withstand hundreds of rounds without tearing. The lightweight material also allows the silhouette to move when hit, providing satisfying visual feedback with every accurate shot.

Made in the USA from Recycled Materials

These shooting targets are manufactured domestically in the United States from recycled paper materials. By purchasing American-made targets, you support local jobs and the US manufacturing industry.

The recycled materials also give each order a reduced carbon footprint compared to other options on the market. This makes these targets a great choice for environmentally-conscious shooters.

Key Features:

  • Package of 100 silhouette hostage shooting targets
  • Dimensions: 23″ x 35″ (58cm x 89cm)
  • 7 scoring rings from 5 to 10 points
  • Durable cardstock paper construction
  • Made from recycled materials in the USA

Enhance Marksmanship Skills for Duty or Competition

These silhouette targets are an excellent training tool for recreational shooters, law enforcement, military, security teams, or shooting sports competitors. The human shape provides lifelike target practice for realistic training across all shooting disciplines.

Dial in your accuracy starting from the chest and working outwards to score hits on the precision zones like shoulders, arms, and head. Measure your grouping sizes to improve precision. Test holster draw times and shot placement in self-defense scenarios.

The targets can be mounted to cardboard backers or clipboards for standing shots or attached to moving systems to practice on swinging or rotating targets. Use marker paint or stickers to identify hits between shooters and reuse the targets until they are spent.

Custom Targets for Specialized Drills

Coaches or instructors can take these base targets and customize them for specialized drills. Add numbered zones, disguise lines, or sticker overlays to emphasize certain shot patterns or techniques like the Mozambique drill or failure drills.

Tape multiple targets together or mount in unique angles to mimic real-world environments. Get creative with your range training programs using these blank slate targets as the base.


  • Material: Durable cardstock paper
  • Printing: High contrast black ink on white background
  • Quantity: Pack of 100 targets
  • Dimensions: 23″ x 35″ (58cm x 89cm) each
  • Made in USA from recycled materials

Elevate your shooting skills with these quality paper targets! The pack of 100 silhouette targets offers great value for high volume shooting. Order a set today to get free shipping and Prime delivery direct to your door.


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