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13 Fishing Axum Spinning Reel – 6.2:1 Gear Ratio for Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing


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Engineered for power, durability, and smooth performance, the 13 Fishing Axum spinning reel stands ready to take on monstrous fish in both saltwater and freshwater environments. This precision reel leverages premium components and innovative technologies to give anglers a leg up against hard fighting species.

Rugged Cast Iron Carbon Frame and Rotor

At the heart of this spinning reel lies a rugged cast iron carbon frame and rigid carbon fiber rotor. This unique construction fuses the raw strength of iron with the lightweight durability of carbon for remarkable toughness without excess weight.

The cast iron carbon frame remains remarkably stable under heavy loads generated by massive fish runs. You get the backbone needed to stop hard charging fish dead in their tracks. Yet the reel still delivers light and balanced handling for all day casting comfort.

Patent Pending Coolstop Drag System

Putting the brakes on storming fish is easy with the Axum’s Coolstop drag system. This innovative carbon-carbon design leverages multiple friction discs immersed in carbon and steel to produce smooth, reliable drag pressure up to 20 pounds.

The unique brake system runs cool, eliminating heat buildup that can degrade lesser reel drags. Coolstop technology provides consistent stopping power run after run, giving you full confidence when battling feisty gamefish.

Hyper Brass Pinion Gear and Ultimate Cut Drive Gear

Effortless cranking power and silky smoothness come courtesy of a hardened brass main gear matched with a precisely CNC cut aluminum drive gear. Together these components generate a powerful 6.2:1 gear ratio that gives you speedy line recovery for quick hook sets and rapid lure retrievals.

The hyper brass pinion gear drives the gears with maximum efficiency. The rigid precision cut drive gear works in unison to prevent twisting and binding when applying torque on larger fish. This results in smooth power, efficient gear transitions, and reliability even under heavy loads.

Corrosion Resistant Bearings

To provide fluid casts and powerful retrieves in harsh saltwater environments, the Axum spinning reel utilizes premium anti-corrosion bearings. The line roller incorporates an innovative CZB bearing that eliminates seizing from saltwater exposure.

Stainless steel ball bearings coated in推荐 are employed throughout the gear system for smooth spinning and flawless gear transitions. You can fish the salt worry-free, knowing internal components will continue operating like new after each use.

Engineered for All Species and Techniques

Whether you’re tossing popping plugs for stripers, dredging the bottom for flounder, or working topwaters for explosive strikes, the Axum has the versatility to handle it all.

Its rigid carbon fiber rotor blends sensitivity with strength to detect subtle bites, set hooks with authority, and apply power when needed. The recessed reel foot fits most rods, and EVA knobs provide a positive grip to crank under pressure.

Sized for line capacities from 8-12lb, this reel can be rigged for everything from finesse tactics to battled ranged bruisers in fresh and salt waters. The Axum gives you premium performance across applications.

Key Features

– Cast iron carbon frame and carbon fiber rotor
– Coolstop drag system up to 20 lbs
– 6.2:1 high speed gear ratio
– Brass pinion gear and aluminum drive gear
– Corrosion resistant bearings
– EVA knob grips
– Available in multiple sizes

Take Your Catch Rates to the Next Level

When chasing monster fish that test your equipment limits, you need a reel built for the task. With its innovative blend of maximum toughness and silky smoothness, the 13 Fishing Axum is engineered to help anglers haul in more trophies and personal bests.


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