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13 Fishing Freefall XL/Omen Ice Inline Ice Fishing Combos


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Powerful Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combos for Hooking Big Fish

The 13 Fishing Freefall XL and Omen Ice inline ice fishing combos are precision-engineered rods and reels ready to help anglers haul in the big catches. Whether jigging for walleye, drilling holes for lake trout, or setting tip-ups for pike, these ice fishing combos have the backbone and power to battle brute strength fish in freezing conditions.

Freefall XL Ice Rods – Jigging Powerhouses

The Freefall XL ice rods are built with 13 Fishing’s proprietary J36T blank featuring 36-ton graphite for unmatched strength and sensitivity when vertical jigging. The lightweight graphite construction allows for quick, sharp hook sets to drive home the barb. The J36T blank tapers down into a fast action tip to effectively transmit vibrations from light bites.

Signature Evolve Components for Durability

Premium components stand up to punishing ice fishing expeditions. The Evolve ported reel seat securely holds the inline reel while allowing the blank’s power to transmit directly into the fish. Evolve thin wire guides minimize freezing and insert vibrations into the handle. The Portuguese cork handle provides warmth along with a sure grip to control bulldogging fish.

Omen Inline Ice Reels – Extreme Drag Pressures

The Omen ice reels match with the Freefall XL rods to create the ultimate ice fishing weapons. The Omen’s sealed carbon fiber drag generates an intense 9.9 pounds of maximum drag to stop hard charging fish in their tracks. The 5.3:1 gear ratio gives the speed to pick up slack line in an instant when setting the hook. Anti-reverse technology prevents backward movement for positive hook sets.

Technical Specifications

  • J36T Blank – 36-ton graphite construction
  • Evolve Ported Reel Seat – Lightweight, sensitive, durable
  • Portuguese Cork Handle – Warmth, comfort, control
  • Evolve Thin Wire Guides – Eliminate freezing
  • 9.9 lbs Max Drag – Carbon fiber sealed drag
  • 5.3:1 Gear Ratio – Quick line pick up
  • Anti-Reverse – Instant hook sets

Configuration Options

The Freefall XL and Omen Ice combos come in a range of sizes to match your target species and fishing style.

Freefall XL Rod Lengths:

  • 26″ Ultra Light – Finesse jigging
  • 28″ Light – Walleye, panfish
  • 30″ Medium – Lake trout, pike
  • 32″ Medium Heavy – Northern pike, muskie

Omen Reel Sizes:

  • 25 – Light jigging
  • 30 – Versatile size for most species
  • 40 – Big fish power

Why Choose the 13 Fishing Inline Ice Combos?

When the cold hits and the ice forms, don’t be left out in the cold with gear that can’t handle the extreme conditions. Step up to the Freefall XL rods and Omen reels built for the challenges of ice fishing.

Sensitive & Strong – Lightweight graphite blanks transmit subtle bites while powerful tapers boat big fish.

Components – Evolve reel seats, guides, and cork handles provide durability and performance.

Drag Power – The Omen’s 9.9 lbs of max drag stops runs in an instant.

Versatile – Multiple rod lengths and reel sizes allow anglers to fine tune the setup.

Guaranteed – 13 Fishing’s lifetime warranty protects your investment.

When winter locks the lakes in ice, the 13 Fishing inline ice combos provide the sensitivity, strength, and reliability needed to capitalize on the great ice fishing opportunities. Order the Freefall XL rod and Omen reel combo now to prepare for the next cold front.


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