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4985616 Push in 1/2″ Kayak Drain Plug – Prevent Waterlogging for Sundolphin, Pelican, Pond Prowler and More (2 Pack)


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Tired of constantly bailing water out of your kayak? Prevent annoying waterlogging with this set of two push-in drain plugs specially designed for 1⁄2 inch scupper holes. Keeping your kayak interior dry has never been easier.

Designed to Fit Sundolphin, Pelican, Pond Prowler and Other Top Kayak Brands

This drain plug set is precision-engineered to fit snugly into standard 1⁄2 inch scupper holes found on popular kayak models including:

  • Sundolphin Aruba 8 SS
  • Sundolphin Aruba 10
  • Sundolphin Bali 8
  • Sundolphin Excursion 10
  • Pelican Sportsman 8
  • Pelican Sportsman 10
  • Pelican Pro 110 Pedal Kayak
  • Pond Prowler Propel Pedal Kayak

With an exterior diameter of precisely 1⁄2 inch, these plugs slide smoothly into most scupper holes and stay securely in place thanks to a tapered body design.

Prevent Annoying Waterlogging for a Drier Kayaking Experience

Nothing ruins a relaxing paddling trip faster than sitting in a puddle of water inside your kayak. Small amounts of water inevitably seep in through the scupper holes that dot the kayak hull. This water collects in the interior bilge, sloshing around your feet and gear.

These drain plugs create a watertight seal to keep the bilge dry as you paddle. Just push them into empty scupper holes before launching. The plugs stay firmly in place, preventing water seepage into the hull cavity. Enjoy hours of paddling without wet feet or damp cargo.

Designed for Quick and Easy Installation

Installing these plugs takes just seconds. Simply press them into open scupper holes by hand – no tools required. The tapered profile wedges securely into 1⁄2 inch openings with friction. A ribbed finger grip allows easy insertion and removal.

To drain accumulated bilge water, just pop the plugs out and tilt the kayak to evacuate water as needed. Reinsert plugs to keep the interior watertight.

Low Profile Plugs Don’t Interfere With Stability

These drain plugs sit nearly flush with the deck, adding less than 1⁄4 inch of height. This low profile design keeps the kayak stable and balanced while preventing waterlogging.

Thicker, more protruding plugs can make the hull feel tippy, especially for novice paddlers. The streamlined shape of these plugs enhances rather than compromises stability.

Made From Durable Marine-Grade Plastic

Constructed from rugged UV-resistant polyethylene plastic, these drain plugs can withstand years of sun, saltwater, and weather exposure. The material won’t degrade or become brittle with prolonged use like some cheaper plugs.

Marine-grade construction also prevents cracking that could lead to leaks over time. The sturdy one-piece design won’t separate or fall apart in the middle of a paddling session.

Stop Waterlogging and Enjoy Drier, More Comfortable Kayaking

Keep your kayak interior dry for a better paddling experience with this set of two scupper hole plugs. Fitting standard 1⁄2 inch openings, they quickly install into most recreational kayaks to prevent water seepage into the bilge. Enjoy drier feet and gear during long paddling journeys. Order your set today!


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