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65W Dimmable 8000 Lumen Motion Sensor Outdoor Security Light with Adjustable Color Temperature


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Light up your property and deter intruders with our feature-packed 65W LED motion sensor security light. With an ultra-bright 8000 lumens output, this smart flood light illuminates every corner of your yard. The integrated motion sensor detects activity up to 72 feet away, triggering the light when movement is detected after dark.

Built with intelligent features, this LED security light allows effortless customization via the Solla app or the onboard buttons. Adjust the color temperature from warm 2700K to cool 6500K to match your preference. Brightness can also be dimmed from 1-100%. With a high efficiency of 123lm/w, this 65W light rivals 500W incandescent bulbs while slashing energy costs.

Key Features:

  • 8000 Lumens ultra-bright output
  • Adjustable color temperature 2700K-6500K
  • Dimmable brightness from 1-100%
  • 72 ft motion detection range
  • 180° motion sensor angle
  • App and manual control options
  • Memory function recalls previous settings
  • Linkage and group control
  • Timer schedules for auto on/off
  • IP65 waterproof rating

Superior Motion-Sensing Detection

This LED security light features a built-in passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor. The sensor can detect movement up to 72 feet away within a 180 degree angle. Three adjustable light heads allow you to focus illumination on walkways, entryways, and other areas you want to secure after dark.

As soon as the photocell sensor detects dusk, the light switches into standby mode, ready to trigger at the first sign of an intruder. When motion is detected, the light instantly floods your yard with 8000 lumens of brilliant white light. After the motion stops, an adjustable 1-10 minute (default 5 mins) shut-off timer turns the light back off to save energy. This intelligent sensor light provides automated hands-free convenience.

Tunable Warm to Cool White Light

Unlike standard single-color outdoor lights, our intelligent LED security light allows you to tune the color temperature to create the perfect ambiance for your home. Choose a warm white 2700K glow for a cozy feel or cool white 6500K for vibrant illumination. With adjustable 2700K-6500K tunable white, you can customize the light color to suit any occasion or match your preference.

The flexible brightness levels ranging from 1-100% add additional customization. Dim the light down to avoid glare or light pollution. Brighten as needed to spotlight key areas. Set your desired lighting levels via the Solla app or the onboard buttons.

Advanced Controls through Solla App

Connecting your outdoor security light to the Solla app unlocks advanced features and effortless control from your smart device. Create preset brightness and color settings for one-tap access. Set timers to automatically turn the light on or off at specific times.

Group multiple Solla lights to control all as one. When one light detects motion, it will activate the entire group. Schedule the whole property to turn on at night and off at sunrise for added security. Control your outdoor lighting from anywhere with cellular access.

5 Handy Lighting Modes

Choose from 5 modes to customize when and how your security light operates:

  • Auto – Motion sensor enabled. Light remains off until triggered by motion.
  • D2D (Dusk-to-Dawn) – Light turns on at dusk, off at dawn.
  • Strobe – Flashes light to scare off intruders.
  • Manual – Manually power light on/off.
  • Test – Test motion sensor during daylight.

The Solla app allows easy mode switching. Or use the C1/C2 buttons on the light to cycle between modes. Choose auto sensor mode for hands-free security or manual mode to control the light like a regular switch.

Easy and Safe Installation

With a durable aluminum housing and tempered glass lens, this LED security light is built to withstand harsh weather. The IP65 waterproof rating means it can resist rain, snow, and humidity.

Installation is straightforward with simple wiring. Mount to your wall or eaves. The light head adjusts 180° vertically and 90° horizontally. Point the 3 lamps to focus ample lighting coverage on walkways, driveways, entry areas, or anywhere else you desire bright security illumination after dark.


  • Saves Money – 85% more energy efficient than incandescent
  • Adds Security – Deters intruders with instant bright lighting
  • Hands-free – Motion sensor switches on automatically
  • Smart Convenience – App and voice activated options
  • Adjustable Lighting – Dim, color temperature, timers
  • Easy Install – Simple wiring, adjustable heads

Provide smart security for your home with this feature-packed 65W LED motion sensor flood light. Order today to install world-class outdoor lighting with automated convenience!


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