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Accurize Shooting Training System – Advanced Dry Fire Practice for Rifles & Handguns


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Take your shooting skills to the next level with the Accurize Shooting Training System. Unlike other dry fire practice tools that rely on your phone’s camera and flimsy tripod stand, Accurize utilizes advanced detection technology to precisely track your shots for superior accuracy and realism.

With instant shot analysis and feedback through the Accurize app, this innovative system lets you measure and improve various performance metrics like speed, precision, and consistency. Taking the guesswork out of your training, Accurize gives you the data you need to become a better marksman.

Key Features:

Precision Shot Detection – The core of the Accurize system is the proprietary target screen and detection technology that accurately senses shot placement without cameras. The system self-records with pinpoint precision for fully autonomous dry fire practice.

Integrated Mobile App – Bluetooth connectivity allows shot data to be transmitted in real-time to the Accurize app. View metrics like shot speed, heatmaps, groupings, and historical performance tracking to quantify and enhance your skills.

23 Different Target Options – Choose from a wide selection of target designs including ISSF air rifle targets, sight-in targets, competition styles, hunting scenarios, and more. Practice exactly how you compete for any shooting sport or discipline.

Instant Shot Analysis – With no camera recordings to review, shot feedback is immediately displayed on the Accurize system screen. Get real-time data on each trigger pull to reinforce proper technique and consistency.

Realistic & Challenging – Self-contained shot analysis means you can shoot from longer distances for a truly realistic practice experience. Accurize challenges you without false shot registrations common in other camera-based systems.

Enhances Live Fire – Structured dry fire training translates directly into tangible live fire gains. As your skills improve through metrics-driven feedback, you’ll notice significant boosts in speed, accuracy, and precision during live range sessions.

Practice Any Shooting Sport or Discipline

Accurize was thoughtfully designed to benefit all shooting disciplines. The variety of target options let you practice for competitive shooting sports like ISSF, IPSEC, biathlon, bullseye competitions, cowboy action shooting, and more.

Hunters can rehearse with realistic hunting scenarios to reinforce fundamentals and build confidence before the big hunt. Tactical and defensive shooters will appreciate the high-intensity target designs and instant data feedback for developing split second shooting reaction skills.

With versatile training capabilities, Accurize is trusted by casual plinkers, seasoned competitors, hunters, and tactical shooters alike. The system adapts to you so you can dry fire practice according to your specific needs.

Key Stats to Track and Improve

The Accurize app tracks and displays proprietary performance metrics designed to quantify shooting ability over time. Here are some of the key data points to monitor as you use the system:

Shot Speed – Measure your trigger squeeze and shot release times. As speed improves through dry practice, live fire reaction time quickens.

Precision – Tight shot groupings demonstrate consistency and precision. The app logs your grouping size over time.

Heatmaps – Color-coded heatmaps reveal your most frequent shot placement on a target. Identify and correct any unintended aiming patterns.

Historical Analytics – Long term performance tracking provides insight into shot speed, accuracy, and precision progression over weeks, months, and years of use.

Statistical Reports – Detailed graphs, charts, and reports compile your Accurize training data into shareable statistics that demonstrate tangible skill development.

Don’t just practice – train smarter, perform better, and watch your shooting abilities surge with the Accurize Shooting Training System. Backed by a 1-year warranty.


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