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ACPOTEL NV30 Digital Night Vision Monocular – See Full Color in Total Darkness




Experience Next-Level Nighttime Exploration with the ACPOTEL NV30 Digital Night Vision Monocular. Equipped with a powerful 40mm lens and Sony sensor, the NV30 gives you full-color night vision, even in 100% darkness.

See Vibrant Colors in Pitch Black Conditions

While traditional night vision only shows black and white greenish images, the NV30 gives you full color night vision thanks to the dedicated Sony IMX307 sensor. Making out details like foliage, clothing, gear, and animals is much easier with color night vision.

The 40mm lens with 6x magnification collects ample light, ensuring bright images in the darkest environments. Digital zoom up to 60x allows you to get up-close looks at distant subjects. Whether you’re navigating the woods at night or surveilling an area, the NV30 delivers stellar low light performance.

Capture Crisp Photos and 1080p Video

The Sony sensor enables the NV30 to capture 12MP photos and 1080p video, even in 0 lux conditions. Photos boast an impressive resolution of 2560×1440, allowing for sharp zooming and cropping. Relive your nighttime adventures in vivid color and detail.

Videos are stabilized for smooth footage when handheld. The NV30 also has an infrared mode that lets you record discreetly at night. Dual format recording saves photos and videos on both the internal memory and Micro SD card simultaneously.

Large Digital Display and Long Battery Life

View and playback footage on the large 9” digital display. The 800×480 pixel LCD screen delivers a crisp, clear image directly through the optics. This allows you to scan areas more efficiently with both eyes open.

Powered by a rechargeable 3000mAh battery, the NV30 runs for up to 6 hours on a single charge. The USB-C charging port enables convenient top-ups. Low battery warnings ensure you won’t run out of juice mid-use.

Rugged and User-Friendly Design

Despite the internal sophistication, the NV30 maintains a straightforward and robust build. The weather-sealed housing withstands wet environments and accidental drops. Large buttons are easy to operate even with gloves on.

Weighing just 1.4 lbs, the NV30 feels comfortable to hold for extended periods. The included wrist strap adds extra security when handheld. Or mount the NV30 on tripods and helmets using the standard socket. Operation is intuitive with easy zooms, mode switching, and playback.

Key Features:

– 40mm lens with 6x magnification, digital zoom to 60x
– Dedicated Sony IMX307 sensor enables full color night vision
– 12MP photo resolution and 1080p video recording
– 9” 800×480 LCD display shows clear, vivid images
– 3000mAh rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 hours
– Rugged, weather-sealed housing
– Records to internal memory and Micro SD card
– Tripod mountable and includes wrist strap


Hunting: Track game, navigate to blinds, and range targets in low light conditions. Review footage to help find and retrieve animals.

Boating: Scan for buoys and obstacles in the dark. Inspect boats and gear closely at night.

Camping: Move safely around campsites and trails after sunset. Identify animals/intruders from a distance.

Security: Covertly monitor and record activity in low light. Identify subjects more easily in color.

Search and Rescue: Quickly scan large areas and spot clues more easily with enhanced low light vision.

Experience the Latest in Night Vision Technology

Why settle for monochromatic night vision when you can see the world brightly in full color? The ACPOTEL NV30 Digital Night Vision Monocular leverages modern low light technology for unmatched performance. See the night in a whole new light with the power of digital night vision.


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