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Airhead Wicked Kwik-Dry NeoLite Flex Life Vest – Youth and Women’s USCG Approved Life Jacket


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Hit the water in confidence and safety with the Airhead Wicked Kwik-Dry NeoLite Flex Life Vest. This personal flotation device is US Coast Guard approved and specially designed for youth and women with a sleek, low-profile fit.

US Coast Guard Approved Design

The Wicked Kwik-Dry NeoLite life jacket meets all USCG requirements for personal flotation devices. The closed-sided design offers a tighter, more secure fit to keep the vest in place while boating, water sports, paddle boarding, or kayaking. Side release buckles make it easy to quickly fasten and unfasten as needed.

The low-profile cut allows for a full range of motion. Less bulky than traditional life vests, this design won’t restrict movement – perfect for active water pursuits. It’s an excellent choice for personal watercrafts, general boating, and fishing where quick response is key.

Designed for Youth and Women

This USCG-approved life vest is specifically sized for youth weighing 50-90 pounds with a chest size of 22-25 inches. It’s also ideal for petite women. The vest runs snug for enhanced security and safety.

For best fit, refer to the size chart and match your chest measurement to the recommended vest size. The zipper front ensures easy on and off over clothing. The fabric is flexible and moves with you without pinching or chafing.

Quick-Dry Comfort

The vest fabric is made from ultra soft NeoLite – a quick-drying material that keeps you cool and comfortable on the water. It effectively wicks moisture away from the skin, preventing that soggy wet feeling you get from ordinary life vests. Even after submersion, it dries in a flash.

Venting in the back facilitates air circulation, so you won’t overheat on those hot summer days. The vest feels light as a feather and allows full mobility.

Key Features:

  • Meets US Coast Guard requirements for personal flotation devices
  • Designed for youth 50-90 lbs and women with 22-25″ chest
  • Low profile, flexible fit allows full range of motion
  • Quick release buckles and front zipper for easy on/off
  • Made of ultra quick-drying NeoLite fabric
  • Venting in back keeps you cool
  • Soft, featherlight, and non-restrictive

Safety You Can Count On

Whether you’re paddle boarding on the lake, riding personal watercraft, or enjoying a day of fishing on the water, the Wicked Kwik-Dry NeoLite vest offers reliable flotation when you need it most. The bright colors and reflective detailing keep you visible while the cozy fit prevents riding up.

Thanks to the premium NeoLite fabric, it’s one life vest that actually feels great to wear all day. Stay safe and comfortable on your aquatic adventures with the trusted quality and performance of Airhead.

More About This Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Device:

Recreational boating and water sports are a great way to enjoy time with family and friends during the warm weather months. But fun can quickly turn to tragedy if proper safety precautions aren’t followed. Having reliable personal flotation devices like U.S. Coast Guard approved life vests on board is absolutely crucial.

This PFD for youth and women from Airhead is specially designed to keep you securely afloat while allowing complete freedom of movement. The low-profile cut is less restrictive than bulky traditional life vests that can impede mobility. This makes it ideal for activities like stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and riding jet skis that require a full range of motion.

The brightly colored vest also ensures you will stand out against the water and be visible to other boats if rescue is needed. But the streamlined design is far more comfortable and lightweight than most safety equipment.

Airhead uses innovative NeoLite fabric that is not only featherlight, but also quick-drying. This advanced material effectively wicks moisture away from the skin so you stay cool and dry when temperatures climb. The back openings allow air to freely circulate so you won’t feel bogged down by sweat and dampness.

When purchasing any personal flotation device, always check that it has been approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. This assures that the equipment meets stringent regulations and testing for performance, quality, and safety. Airhead is a trusted brand that consistently delivers top-notch recreational water products that follow USCG protocol.

Don’t take chances when it comes to water safety for yourself, family, or friends. Pick up thisflexible, comfortable life vest designed for youth and women’s proportions, and enjoy your favorite aquatic activities with peace of mind.


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