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Amyhill Boat Drain Plug Set – 2 Piece Snap & T Handle Plugs for 1” Drains


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Keep your boat dry and seaworthy with the Amyhill 2 piece drain plug set. This practical kit contains a snap handle plug and T handle plug, both designed to seal 1 inch diameter drains on boats, kayaks, jet skis, and other watercraft.

The snap handle drain plug features a quick rotary lock design. Simply insert the plug into the drain opening and turn the handle clockwise to create a secure, watertight seal. To remove, twist the handle counterclockwise and pull the plug out. This makes it easy to rapidly open and close drains for drainage or ventilation.

The T handle drain plug provides an extra-strong twist lock seal. Insert this plug into a drain port and turn the T handle to lock it in place. The long handle gives you plenty of leverage to ensure a tight fit. Unlocking is just as easy – flip the T handle in the opposite direction to disengage the plug.

Both plugs in this set are made from solid brass for maximum durability. The metal construction resists corrosion, stripping, and cross-threading. It will maintain its leak-proof sealing capabilities through years of regular use. The attached rubber gasket conforms to the drain opening to prevent water from entering around the edges.

Boat owners can use these versatile plugs to control drainage from scuppers, bilge pump outlets, bait wells, and any other 1 inch drains on board. They are effective for retaining water as well as ventilating stagnant compartments. The secure twist lock design will hold tight despite vibration and vessel movement.

This Amyhill drain plug kit provides reliable quality at an affordable price. The brass and rubber construction is far more durable than cheap plastic plugs which easily crack and fail. With proper care, these rugged plugs will outlast multiple boating seasons. They work effectively on all types of recreational watercraft.

For easy drainage management on the water, equip your vessel with the Amyhill 2 piece drain plug set. The snap and T handle designs ensure a tight, wobble-free fit in 1 inch drains. Made from solid, marine-grade brass, these plugs are built to last through years of regular use. Order this essential kit today and keep your boat’s drains sealed or vented with a simple twist!


  • Complete 2 piece set contains 1 snap handle plug and 1 T handle twist lock plug
  • Fits 1 inch diameter drains on boats, kayaks, jet skis, and other watercraft
  • Made from durable, corrosion-resistant brass – built to last through years of use
  • Secures tightly into drain ports with a simple twist of the handle
  • Rotary snap lock design allows quick opening and closing of drains
  • T handle provides extra leverage for an ultra-tight seal
  • Attached gasket ensures a watertight seal around drain edges
  • Useful for retaining water or ventilating stagnant compartments
  • Far more durable than plastic plugs which can easily crack
  • Affordable kit for all types of recreational boats and watercraft

Technical Details

  • Total Plugs: 2
  • Plug Designs: Snap handle and T handle twist lock
  • Construction: Solid brass with rubber gasket
  • Drain Diameter: 1 inch
  • Wrench Size: 15mm & 30mm
  • Length: approx. 1.75 inches
  • Weight: 3.6 ounces

Take control of your boat’s drainage with this versatile two piece plug set from Amyhill. The durable brass construction and twist lock sealing mechanism keeps 1 inch drains securely sealed or ventilated. Order today and spend more days on the water with a vessel that’s shipshape.


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