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Angdarun Solar Driveway Lights – 12 Pack Outdoor Deck Lights with Dual Blue/White LEDs for Pathways, Gardens, and Driveways




Illuminate your outdoor spaces beautifully and safely with the Angdarun Solar Driveway Lights 12-pack. These solar powered deck lights provide bright dual-color lighting and durable, waterproof construction – the perfect solution for driveways, gardens, docks and more.

Dual Blue & White LEDs

Each solar deck light contains 12 LED beads, with 6 blue and 6 white lights. Easily switch between the two colors or use blue and white together to create a cool modern lighting effect.

The bright LEDs emit a 360° glow, lighting up your outdoor area from all angles. No more fumbling in the dark when walking up your driveway or down garden steps.

Powerful Solar Charging

An integrated 800mAh rechargeable battery and high efficiency solar panel allow the deck lights to fully charge in just 6-8 hours of sunlight. Once charged, the lights will automatically turn on at night and provide up to 24 hours of continuous lighting.

No wiring or electrical connections required. Just place the solar lights in a sunny location and they’ll quietly recharge themselves day after day.

Durable Waterproof Design

The driveway lights are made from durable aluminum housing that withstands all types of weather. The IP68 waterproof rating means they can endure heavy rainstorms and even submersion in water while continuing to shine bright.

Whether you live in a rainy climate or just want deck lights that will last for years, these solar powered lights are built to handle the elements. Use them along driveways, docks, ponds and anywhere exposed to the outdoors.

Installs in Minutes

Installation is fast and easy with the included screws or adhesive pads. No electrician or wiring required!

The built-in light sensor automatically turns the LEDs on at night and off at dawn, providing hands-free convenience.

Strategically place the solar deck lights along pathways, steps, porches, gardens and other outdoor areas to create a gorgeous nighttime oasis.

Safety & Security

In addition to their decorative glow, the LED driveway lights also enhance safety and security outdoors. The bright white light illuminates walking paths to prevent tripping hazards, while the blue light adds visibility without ruining night vision.

The deck lights make it easier to navigate outdoors at night, whether you’re walking the dog, doing yardwork, or enjoying evening activities. The cool glow also acts as a deterrent for unwanted visitors.

Perfect for Many Uses

Versatile and practical, these solar powered lights are ideal for:

– Driveways
– Garden pathways
– Patio steps
– Front & back entrances
– Garages & sheds
– Outdoor kitchens
– Gazebos & pergolas
– Pools & ponds
– Boat docks
– Campsites
– RVs

Enjoy beautiful, eco-friendly lighting day and night with the Angdarun 12-pack Solar Driveway Lights.


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