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AQUA BOUND Shred Carbon Whitewater 1-Piece Kayak Paddle – Lightweight and Durable for Agile Maneuvering


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Take on Class III to V rapids with the AQUA BOUND Shred Carbon Whitewater 1-Piece Kayak Paddle. This high-performance paddle is specially engineered with reinforced carbon fiber blades and ovalized shaft for paddling power and control when navigating extreme whitewater.

Stiff Carbon-Reinforced Blades

The Shred’s lightweight abX blades are constructed with carbon fortification to deliver optimal stiffness and responsiveness for whitewater. The reinforced carbon fiber adds rigidity to power through surging rapids while retaining enough flex for cushion.

Precisely calibrated stiffness strikes the ideal balance of transferring forward stroke energy without jarring vibrations. The stiff yet resilient blades allow you to paddle hard while protecting your joints.

Ovalized Carbon Fiber Shaft

Connecting the two blades is a premium areospace-grade Tight Weave Carbon fiber shaft with ovalized shaping. The ovalized design makes the paddle more rigid horizontally to put more power into each forward stroke.

The ovalized shaft is also narrower vertically for excellent flexibility when bracing and maneuvering the kayak. Combined with the lightweight carbon construction, the ovalized shaft gives you both the power and agility needed for taking on intense rapids.

Rock Solid One-Piece Construction

The Shred Carbon paddle features a rugged one-piece fiberglass reinforced nylon connection between the blades and shaft. The solid one-piece build is designed to withstand high impacts and torque when paddling extreme conditions without risking breakage.

No loose parts means no weak points. The secure construction provides unrivaled durability to withstand years of hardcore whitewater punishment.

Comfortable Control Grip

The Shred Carbon paddle features several ergonomic handle details to keep you paddling in total comfort. An ovalized 16-inch long control grip provides a comfortable elongated contact surface for your hands.

The grip is made from durable EVA foam and ribbed for a positive grip, even when wet. An index finger ridge allows you to easily find the correct grip position every time.

Fully Adjustable Drip Rings

Located below each control grip are adjustable drip rings designed to lock out water for drier, warmer hands. The flexible plastic rings can slide up or down to seal out moisture at different grip lengths.

This ensures a watertight fit whether you hold the paddle at a wide or narrow grip width. Keeping your hands dry means you can paddle longer without discomfort.

Sized for Optimal Control and Power

The Shred Carbon paddle is available in multiple size configurations to match your height and paddling style. Choose the 230 cm for optimal control and maneuverability or go up to the 250 cm for maximum forward paddling power.

The included sizing chart takes the guesswork out of selecting the ideal length and blade width. Proper paddle sizing helps prevent shoulder strain while maximizing paddling efficiency.

Technical Specifications

  • Lengths: 230, 240, 250 cm
  • Blade Material: Reinforced abX Composite
  • Shaft Material: Tight Weave Carbon
  • Blade Dimensions: 7.3 x 18.1 inches
  • Shaft Dimensions: 1 1/8 x 2 1/4 inches ovalized
  • Control Grip: 16 inches Eva Foam
  • Weight: Varies, Approximately 32 oz perpaddle
  • Pieces: 1
  • Adjustable Drip Rings
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Paddle With Power and Precision Through Raging Rapids

The AQUA BOUND Shred Carbon paddle unleashes your full potential to charge harder rapids with authority and agility. Purpose built for extreme kayaking, the Shred allows you to master Class IV and Class V rapids.

The ultra rigid blades deliver forward propulsion that slices into whitewater while the flexible shaft provides ultimate boat control for precise lines. Whether you’re blasting through continuous rapids or negotiating violent hydraulics, the Shred Carbon gives you the performance to come out on top.


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