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AZTOPA Portable Laser Training Target for Dry Fire Training – Universal Shooting Target for Most Laser Cartridges and Trainers


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Take your shooting skills to the next level with the AZTOPA Portable Laser Training Target. This innovative target allows you to practice your aim and precision from the comfort of your own home without live ammunition.

The AZTOPA target is compatible with most standard laser trainers and cartridges on the market, providing a universal training solution. Simply set up the lightweight, compact target on any flat surface, activate your laser, and fire away. When your laser beam hits the target, it will instantly fall down, flash, and emit a satisfying “plink” sound to confirm your hit. After being hit, the target automatically resets itself upright, ready for your next shot in just seconds.

Enhanced Training Options

The AZTOPA target enhances your training capabilities with both static and auto-resetting modes. In auto-resetting mode, the target behaves as described above, falling when hit then bouncing back up repeatedly for continuous shooting practice. To switch to static mode, simply toggle the first button upwards on the back of the target. In static mode, the target stays down once hit, allowing you to practice shot placement and accuracy on a stationary target.

The sound effects of the target can also be muted by toggling the second button upwards, letting you practice subtle shooting techniques quietly. The different modes empower you to customize your training sessions to suit your needs.

Portable and Convenient

This innovative target is designed for portability and convenience. It runs on 4 AA batteries (not included) so you can use it anywhere without the need for charging or cables. Weighing just 0.77lbs and measuring 7.5” diameter, the target can be packed away in a range bag, backpack, or luggage to take your training on the go.

Set up is quick and simple. Just insert the batteries, turn the target on, place it on any flat surface, and you’re ready to start honing your skills. The AZTOPA target is ideal for dry fire practice at home, at the range, while traveling, or anywhere you want to sharpen your shooting accuracy without ammunition.


  • Universal – Compatible with most laser trainers and cartridges
  • Auto-Reset and Static Modes – Target resets after being hit or remains down
  • Sound Effects – Confirming “plink” sound can be muted
  • Portable and Lightweight – Just 0.77lbs with compact 7.5″ diameter
  • Quick Set Up – Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Enhanced Dry Fire Training – Hone skills from anywhere without live ammo


  • Improves Accuracy – Repeatedly hit the moving target to improve aim and precision
  • Reinforces Proper Technique – Practice proper grip, stance, sight alignment without bad habits from recoil flinch
  • Saves Money – Train without wasting ammo
  • Convenience – Small size for practicing anytime, anywhere
  • Boosts Draw Speed – Quickly resetting target develops repetition and muscle memory

Ideal For:

  • Law enforcement / Military training
  • Concealed carriers
  • Hunters
  • First-time shooters
  • Young shooters

The AZTOPA Laser Training Target takes the guesswork out of dry fire practice, giving clear visual and audio feedback on your shot accuracy. Stop wasting ammo and money on expensive range visits. Order your portable target today to gain the convenience of training from home while saving on ammunition costs.

See your skills progress with each session as you hone trigger control, draw speed, sight alignment, and other shooting fundamentals. The auto-resetting target promotes repetition to build proper technique and muscle memory. With regular use, you’ll gain the confidence of an expert marksman while staying safe and saving money.


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