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Baquler 10-Pack Solar Reflective Driveway Markers with Installation Kit


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Illuminate and enhance your property’s curb appeal with Baquler Solar Reflective Driveway Markers. This 10-pack bundle comes complete with all the accessories needed for quick and easy installation. Sturdy, weatherproof reflective markers powered by the sun provide bright guidance along driveways, pathways, patios, and walkways.

Complete Installation Kit

Each set of Baquler Solar Driveway Markers includes everything required for hassle-free placement. Ten durable PP shell markers with stainless steel poles and plastic ground spikes make driveway and landscape lighting simple. Accompanying work gloves keep hands protected during installation. A custom drill bit sized for the markers takes the guesswork out of preparing the ground screw holes.

With the full kit, enhancing your home’s outdoor spaces with solar lighting takes just minutes. All the necessary pieces come together in one convenient package, eliminating the need to purchase separate accessories.

Reflective Solar Lighting

These solar powered reflectors absorb sunlight during the day to power bright LEDs that automatically illuminate from dusk to dawn. Energy efficient and eco-friendly, the self-contained solar cells require no electrical wiring or external power source.

The built-in LED bulb in each pole lights up a wide reflective strip on the PP plastic top shell. This creates excellent visibility for driveways, parking areas, pathways, gardens, and yards at night. Solar charging ensures constant light output, with no switches or settings to adjust.

Durable Construction

Built to withstand long-term outdoor use, these solar markers have a weatherproof design. The polypropylene plastic top shell resists fading and corrosion. A stainless steel stake provides sturdy ground penetration and stability. Flexible PVC connections between the solar cell, LED lamp, and reflective shell allow the unit to sway in wind without damage.

With rugged materials capable of handling sun, rain, snow, and temperature swings, these solar markers deliver lasting solar powered illumination. Quick and simple installation gets them placed and working in minutes.

Custom Drill Bit Included

Achieve a secure ground fit with the custom 14.5cm drill bit included with the markers. With the same 5.71 inch width as the stakes, it creates perfectly sized holes for each reflector’s ground spike. No need to estimate drill bit sizing or make multiple trips to the hardware store.

The drill bit makes preparation simple before screwing in each solar marker. Combine it with the included work gloves for safety and convenience throughout the installation process.

Brighten Up Your Property

Whether placing guidance lighting along your home’s entrance or illuminating a winding garden path, these solar reflectors add beauty and safety. The slender 37.4 inch height creates minimal visual distraction during the day while providing excellent nighttime visibility.

Solar powered illumination gives parking areas, corners, walkways, and staircases a gorgeous glow after dark. It also helps prevent tripping hazards and property damage from vehicles. Give your outdoor living areas a solar lighting makeover easily and affordably.

We Know Solar Lighting

At Baquler, providing customers with solar lighting solutions is our passion. We offer a wide range of quality solar powered and energy efficient LED lights to meet indoor and outdoor illumination needs. Carefully chosen materials stand up to weather and frequent use.

Our products are designed for quick installation and long-lasting performance. We back all solar markers with exceptional customer service and support. Illuminate your property beautifully and safely with Baquler Solar Reflective Driveway Markers.


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