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BERETTA Waxwear Upland Waterfowl Hunting Waterproof Field Bag




Take your hunting gear to the next level with the BERETTA Waxwear Upland Waterfowl Hunting Waterproof Field Bag. This versatile cotton canvas bag is specially treated with a next-generation wax finish to create a waterproof, durable exterior that protects your equipment from the elements.

The Waxwear fabric is soft to the touch yet highly durable. It has a beautiful natural look without the greasy feel or strong odor typical of waxed canvas. Best of all, there’s no need to re-wax it – the finish lasts for the life of the bag.

With a spacious main compartment and 15 total pockets, this bag provides ample organized storage for all your hunting essentials. The pockets are smartly placed for easy access, letting you quickly grab what you need while in the field. There are also exterior pockets sized for water bottles or other must-have items you’ll want at your fingertips.

Inside, a waterproof lining ensures your gear stays dry even in the wettest conditions. Hunt in drizzling rain or kneeling in the marsh – the watertight interior protects your valuables from moisture. The PVC lining is also easy to clean, so you can simply wipe out dirt at the end of the day.

Carry in comfort with the adjustable, padded shoulder strap. It has durable brass hardware and a leather handle with wrap-around webbing to make carrying heavy loads effortless. The bag is thoughtfully designed to endure tough use on rugged hunts.

With a versatile design perfect for upland bird and waterfowl hunting, this bag will also work great for fishing, hiking, camping, and any outdoor adventure. The neutral field bag style looks good on men or women.

What sets this field bag apart is the specially developed Waxwear fabrication. The cotton canvas is custom waxed to create a beautifully textured, lightweight fabric that naturally repels moisture.

It provides a soft, supple feel yet delivers rugged performance. There’s no oily residue that can transfer to your clothes or gear. It has none of the strong odor often associated with waxed canvas. Since the wax is fused to the fibers, it won’t rub off or flake over time.

The proprietary Waxwear finish also eliminates the need to re-wax. It retains its water-repellent properties permanently without added maintenance. You’ll never have to re-treat the bag to maintain water resistance.

With a vintage look and rugged performance, this will become your go-to hunting bag for seasons to come. The thoughtful details and bombproof materials make this a bag you can rely on hunt after hunt.


– Durable cotton canvas exterior with waterproof Waxwear finish

– No oily residue, odor or need to re-wax

– Padded, adjustable shoulder strap with leather handle

– Waterproof PVC interior lining

– Spacious main compartment

– 15 total pockets for organization

– Exterior pockets for water bottles, etc.

– Brass hardware and wrap-around webbing at stress points

– Made in USA or imported


– Keeps gear dry in wet conditions

– Waxwear finish doesn’t rub off or flake over time

– No mess or smell of typical waxed canvas

– Repels moisture permanently without re-waxing

– Comfortable to carry even heavy loads

– Ample storage with pockets galore

– Easy access to must-have items

– Durable construction for rugged use

– Versatile for all types of hunting, hiking and camping

For hunters who demand rugged performance from their gear, the BERETTA Waxwear Upland Waterfowl Hunting Waterproof Field Bag delivers. Built to last yet comfortably portable, this thoughtfully designed bag has the innovative features you need for successful hunts in any conditions.


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