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Berkley Lightning Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


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Conquer the ice with the Berkley Lightning Ice Fishing Combo. This ready-to-fish rod and reel setup is specially designed to handle the unique demands of hard water angling. With its lightweight yet durable construction and smooth drag system, the Lightning combo has everything you need to catch fish through the ice.

Lightweight and Balanced

The Lightning ice rod is built from durable yet sensitive IM8 graphite blanks. Combined with stainless steel guides and a cork handle, it offers the ideal blend of sensitivity and balance. At just 28 inches long, the medium-light action rod is easy to handle and nimble enough to work tiny ice jigs. The rear-mounted reel seat helps balance the rod perfectly for jigging motions.

Anodized aluminum alloy construction helps keep the Lightning reel ultralight. The narrow spool and streamlined body shed weight without losing strength. Combined with the rod, this combo feels light and lively in your hands. You’ll enjoy enhanced sensitivity and reduced hand fatigue, even during an all-day ice fishing excursion.

Smooth 4 Bearing Reel

Turn the handle on the Lightning reel and you’ll immediately notice how smoothly it operates. That’s thanks to the 4 ball bearing system that eliminates friction while you’re reeling in a fish. The bearings are shielded to lock out moisture and prevent ice buildup.

The drag knob offers precise adjustments to match the fishing situation. Crank it down when a big fish takes the bait or back it off for finicky biters. The carbon fiber drag washers provide reliable pressure without sudden jerks. You’ll have the finesse needed to keep your line tight while protecting delicate ice lines and rods.

Reel Features for Ice Fishing

From the extended reel stem to the collapsible handle, the Lightning reel incorporates several specialized features for ice anglers. The extended stem provides clearance to operate the reel while wearing thick gloves. It also positions the reel further from the rod for better balance.

The one-touch collapsible handle locks down against the reel body to minimize snags as you pull it from the rod holder or ice hole. When open, the EVA knob provides a positive grip even in freezing temperatures. The lightweight aluminum spool sheds the cold and resists freezing up.

Cold Weather Performance

Inside the reel, Berkley fills the gears with special Cold Gear lube. Formulated to flow freely in frigid temperatures, it maintains smooth gear operation. Any moisture that enters the reel freezes into a gel rather than forming large ice chunks that could jam the gears. As temperatures rise, the lube returns to liquid form and drains out.

Pair the Lightning combo with Berkley ice line for the best cold weather performance. Lines like Berkley X9 Ice and FireLine Ice won’t absorb water and are limp enough to manage line coil. When combined with the Lightning, you’ll have a setup that casts and handles like a dream, even when you’re fishing in freezing conditions.

applications for Ice Fishing Excellence

From chasing panfish on farm ponds to locking into a late-ice walleye, the Berkley Lightning combo excels in any ice fishing application. Its sensitive yet forgiving action handles ultralight jigs and tungsten bugs with ease. You’ll detect the most subtle pickups from finicky winter fish. When a slab bruiser rockets off with your bait, the rod has enough back bone to drive the hook home.

For roaming and searching out fish, the Lightning combo pairs perfectly with a flasher or underwater camera. Vertical jigging stays easy all day thanks to the balanced, lightweight design. When you discover an active school, the smooth 4 bearing system keeps lures dancing enticingly.

Collapsible and travel-friendly, the Lightning rod and reel tucks easily into a portable ice fishing sled or backpack. Don’t let winter limit your fishing opportunities. Conquer the ice with confidence and catch more fish with the Berkley Lightning ice fishing combo.

Product Specs:

  • Rod Length: 28 inches
  • Rod Power: Medium Light
  • Rod Action: Moderate Fast
  • Line Weight: 2-6 pound test
  • Reel Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
  • Reel Ball Bearings: 4 + 1 roller
  • Reel Handle: Ergonomic EVA
  • Reel Weight: 7 ounces


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