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Best Pro Outdoor 150W Landscape Lighting Transformer with Timer


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Illuminate your outdoor spaces beautifully and easily with the Best Pro 150W landscape lighting transformer. This heavy duty transformer is designed for both outdoor and indoor use, making it versatile for lighting up your yard, garden, patio, or indoor displays.

Commercial Grade Power for Residential Use

Though it’s built rugged like commercial lighting transformers, this landscape transformer is designed for residential applications. The 150W power capacity gives you the strength to connect up multiple low voltage landscape lights—up to 200W max load. Whether you want to spotlight trees and bushes, light up a pathway, set a mood on your patio, or create an elegant accent display indoors, this landscape transformer can handle the job.

Smart Built-In Photocell and Timer Functions

No need for external timers or photosensors—this lighting transformer has both timer and photocell functions built right in for automatic control. The photocell senses daylight and turns the lights on at dusk, off at dawn. Set the adjustable timer to determine how many hours the lights stay on after dark. The convenient built-ins make installation cleaner and operation easier.

Weatherproof and Durable for Outdoor Use

While most plug-in style landscape transformers are for indoor use only, this model is UL listed for wet locations. The thick PVC casing resists weather damage from rain, snow, sun, and temperature extremes. Use it to power outdoor lighting year round, through all kinds of weather. High quality internal components ensure reliable performance. Rest assured your landscape lighting will shine brightly, season after season.

Safe Low Voltage Operation

This transformer converts standard 120V household current into safe 12V low voltage output. Low voltage lighting significantly reduces the risks of electric shock, fires, and damage compared to 120V systems. It’s the preferred lighting approach for outdoor areas and landscape lighting designs. Simply run low voltage cable to your lighting fixtures from the transformer—no need for trenching or burying wires.

Easy Installation and Use

With its built-in controls and weatherproof housing, this landscape lighting transformer simplifies installation:

  • Mount the transformer near an outdoor receptacle or indoor outlet
  • Plug it into the power source—no hardwiring needed
  • Connect your low voltage landscape lighting cables
  • Set the timer and enjoy automated lighting!

To override the photocell for indoor use or other needs, just plug in an external 24-hour timer. This transformer is designed for simple operation and maintenance.

The push button circuit breaker provides overload protection for safety and long life. Durable metal connection terminals and contacts help maintain proper current flow to your low voltage lighting system.

Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Uses

This transformer is great for all kinds of residential landscape lighting designs, including:

  • Path, walkway and driveway lighting
  • Flood and spot lighting trees, gardens, patios and decks
  • Accent lighting on fences, landscape features, and exterior home lighting
  • Low voltage holiday and decorative lighting displays

It’s also handy for powering indoor lighting projects:

  • Under cabinet and display case lighting
  • Accent and mood lighting
  • Low voltage holiday lighting

Order Your Landscape Lighting Transformer Today!

Transform your landscape and living spaces with this easy-to-use, weatherproof 150W outdoor lighting transformer. Order now to power your low voltage lighting projects beautifully, safely, and automatically—year round!


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