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BH-USA GEM Boat Lift Remote with 3 Button Key Fob – Easy to Program Floating Waterproof Remote


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Tired of fumbling with multiple remotes to control your boat lift? Simplify your life on the water with the BH-USA GEM Boat Lift Remote. This easy-to-use 3 button key fob allows you to effortlessly raise, lower, and stop your GEM boat lift with the push of a button.

Easy to Program and Use

Programming this remote is a breeze thanks to the learn button located near the power source on any GEM lift made after 2006. Simply hold down the learn button on your lift and then press any button on the remote. That’s it! The remote will now be paired with your lift so you can control it from the comfort of your boat, dock, or while wading in the water.

The remote features three clearly labeled buttons – UP, DOWN and STOP. Intuitive and easy to operate, anyone can use this remote to smoothly raise and lower their boat lift. Save time and energy compared to cranking the manual lift or using multiple remotes.

Works With Any GEM Lift

No need to worry about compatibility. This BH-USA remote is designed to work with any GEM boat lift made after 2006 that has a learn function. Whether you have an older lift or recently purchased a new model, this remote will sync right up provided your lift has the learn button.

We recommend verifying the manufacture date before purchase if you’re unsure, but most GEM lifts from the past 15+ years will work with this remote.

Add Multiple Remotes

Don’t want to share just one remote with everyone? No problem! You can pair multiple BH-USA remotes to the same GEM boat lift.

Program each remote separately by holding down the learn button on the lift until it beeps, then pressing any button on the next unpaired remote. Repeat to add as many remotes as you need.

Give everyone access without worrying about losing the only working remote. Add remotes for family members, friends, or dock neighbors who share the lift.

Waterproof Floating Design

Accidents happen, and remote controls inevitably end up in the water. But this remote is designed to withstand the wet marine environment.

The BH-USA remote has a waterproof rating of IP68, meaning it’s dust tight and can be submerged in water. Don’t panic if it falls into the lake or ocean because it will float!

The floating and waterproof design ensures the remote will work in rain, waves, and even when fully submerged. No need to worry about water damage ruining the electronics.

Convenient Key Fob Design

The compact 2.2 x 1.4 x 0.6 inch fob conveniently attaches to your keychain or boat keys. The small size takes up minimal space while also preventing the remote from sinking if dropped overboard.

Take control of your boat lift whenever needed without digging through your pockets or bag to find the remote. And you’ll never accidentally leave the remote sitting on the dock.

Long Battery Life

Frustrated with remotes that eat batteries every month? This key fob remote operates on one replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery designed to provide years of average use between changes.

Exact battery life varies based on your usage habits. But you can expect to go at least one boating season before needing to replace the battery – no more wasting money on batteries every few weeks.

Get Back to Boating Bliss

Stop fussing with difficult to operate manuals cranks or juggling multiple remotes! The BH-USA GEM Boat Lift Remote simplifies controlling your lift so you can focus on fun on the water.

Program it in seconds, then conveniently raise and lower your boat with the push of a button. Designed to withstand the marine environment, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing this remote can get wet without worries.

Pick up this must-have accessory to turn boat days into boating bliss. Add seamless control to any GEM lift and reduce your hassle on the water.

Product Details:

– Works with any GEM boat lift made after 2006
– Waterproof IP68 floating design
– Compact key fob size
– Easy to program with learn button
– Add multiple remotes
– Raises, lowers, and stops lift
– Requires 1 x CR2032 battery (included)

What’s Included:

– BH-USA branded 3 button remote
– 1 x CR2032 battery
– Key ring
– Instructions


1 year manufacturer warranty against defects. Contact BH-USA customer service for troubleshooting help or warranty claims.


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