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BKC PK11 Angler Solo Pedal Fishing Kayak: Hands-Free Fishing and Easy Transport


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Glide Across the Water Hands-Free with the BKC PK11 Angler Pedal Kayak

Tired of paddling while trying to fish? With the BKC PK11 solo pedal fishing kayak, you can cruise the waters hands-free thanks to the easy-to-use pedal drive system. Simply use the bicycle-style pedals to propel and steer the kayak, leaving your hands free to focus on fishing. The pedal drive system allows you to move faster than paddling alone, and you can reverse or stop on a dime by pedaling backwards. For even more versatility, upgrade with an optional trolling motor for effortless cruising power.

When you do want to paddle, the included adjustable aluminum paddle stows neatly in the built-in paddle keeper. The hand-operated rudder enhances your steering capabilities, allowing tight, quick turns whether you’re pedaling or paddling. With so many options for moving and steering, the PK11 delivers ultimate control and convenience.

Loaded with Fishing Accessories

This pedal fishing kayak comes loaded with everything you need for a successful fishing trip. The ergonomic, adjustable aluminum frame seat provides comfort when you’re waiting for a bite. Three flush-mount fishing rod holders keep multiple lines in the water, while two paddle parks get your paddle out of the way. Store fishing gear and snacks in the two water-resistant hatches. Bungee cargo tie downs let you easily secure other equipment. With rod holders, paddle storage, and cargo space, this kayak simplifies fishing so you can focus on catching.

Stable and Durable Rotomolded Construction

Made from durable single piece high-density polyethylene, this sit-on-top kayak is superior to inflatable options. The roto-molded construction makes it capable on ocean, lake or river adventures. At 10.5 feet long with a 34 inch width, it provides excellent stability for a solo paddler or pedaler. The kayak supports up to 420 pounds, so you can bring along plenty of gear.

Whether you’re fishing calm lakes or cruising through choppy coastal waters, the PK11 handles it all with balanced stability and tracking. The hull shape easily slices through water for efficient pedaling or paddling. Two carry handles make transporting this 45 pound kayak easy, whether heading to a local launch or taking it on vacation.

Key Features:

– Pedal drive propeller system for hands-free kayaking

– Bicycle-style pedals with reverse function

– Optional trolling motor upgrade available

– Hand-operated rudder for easy steering

– Built-in paddle keeper

– 3 fishing rod holders

– 2 water-resistant hatches

– Ergonomic aluminum frame seat

– Adjustable aluminum paddle included

– Bungee cargo tie downs

– 2 paddle parks

– Durable roto-molded polyethylene construction

– Stable solo sit-on-top design

– Supports up to 420 pounds

– 10.5 feet long, 34 inches wide

– Weighs 45 pounds for easy transport

With versatile pedal, paddle and motor power options, built-in fishing accessories, and rugged construction, the BKC PK11 Angler pedal kayak truly does it all. Anglers, outdoor enthusiasts, and casual paddlers alike will appreciate this feature-loaded solo kayak. Move and fish the way you want with the ultimate hands-free kayak.

Pedal, Paddle or Motor: 3 Ways to Power Your Fishing Kayak

The BKC PK11 Angler kayak offers 3 convenient propulsion options to suit your style:

Pedal Drive System: Use the bike-style pedals to propel and steer the kayak to your desired fishing spot. It moves faster than paddling alone, keeping your hands free to fish.

Paddle Power: When you want a workout or more control, use the adjustable aluminum paddle. Store it securely in the built-in paddle keeper when fishing.

Trolling Motor: Add an optional trolling motor to customize the kayak for even more cruising power with less effort.

With the flexibility to pedal, paddle or motor, you can tailor the PK11 fishing kayak to match each trip. Stick with pedal power when you want to thoroughly fish a promising area. Take the paddle for a workout to your spot. Use the trolling motor for quick travel between spots or when current is strong.

However you prefer to propel it, the PK11 combines stability, durability and accessories for a great fishing platform. Track straight while pedaling hands-free, then drop your lines at the perfect spot. With rod holders, gear storage and a comfortable seat, everything you need is onboard.

Move faster, steer easier and keep fishing longer with this versatile solo kayak.

Stable and Durable: Key Features of the PK11’s Construction

Stable kayaks inspire confidence for beginners, while durability ensures years of use anywhere you take it. Learn how the PK11 fishing kayak delivers both:

Roto-Molded Polyethylene Build: Made in a specialized rotating mold, the single-piece polyethylene hull is thicker and stronger than a blow-molded kayak. The robust material withstands impact with rocks and abrasion from beaching.

Wide Solo Design: At 34 inches wide, the PK11 offers excellent stability for a solo paddler or pedaler. The wide hull increases lateral stability, making it harder to tilt or capsize.

420 Pound Capacity: With ample load capacity, you can pack gear for a multi-day trip and still move freely. The kayak remains stable and balanced, even fully loaded.

10.5 Foot Length: Compact and maneuverable, the PK11 fits easily on most car roof racks for transport. The relatively short length still tracks well and covers distance.

Two Carry Handles: Located at the bow and stern, the molded handles make it easy to carry the 45 pound kayak short distances to the water. They help secure it during transport.

Whether riding currents or navigating choppy water, the PK11 remains stable and secure. The durable polyethylene construction is impact-resistant, able to withstand scrapes from oyster beds, bumps on rocks or being beached. From quiet lakes to the ocean, it’s a kayak built for adventure.

Paddle, Pedal and Fish: Convenience Features for Anglers

While pedal power keeps your hands free, the PK11 fishing kayak includes other angler-friendly features:

Adjustable Rod Holders: With (3) flush mount holders, you can keep multiple rods ready for action. Adjust each holder’s angle as needed.

Paddle Storage: Two specialized holders secure your paddle while fishing. No need to balance it awkwardly once you’re where you want to be.

Bungees and Hatches: Cargo tie downs and (2) hatches keep essentials secured and close at hand. Protect valuables from splashing in the hatches.

Comfortable Seat: The padded, adjustable seat includes breathable mesh to stay cool. Set the backrest recline to your preference.

The PK11 simplifies every aspect of kayak fishing. Hands-free pedaling facilitates fishing, while rod holders and paddle storage keep your gear secure. Hatches and bungees let you organize tackle boxes, snacks, sunscreen and electronics. With cargo and rods stowed, you can cast comfortably from the padded seat.

When the bite is hot, you don’t want to waste time and break your concentration messing with equipment. Thoughtful accessories streamline the entire fishing experience so you can focus on catching. Kick back and reel ’em in from this well-equipped fishing kayak.

Make Kayak Fishing Easier with the BKC PK11

Tackle your next fishing trip with excitement using the versatile BKC PK11 solo pedal kayak. Its unique pedal drive system enhances fishing freedom since your hands never have to touch a paddle. Optional motor and paddle power let you travel however you want.

This sit-on-top kayak simplifies fishing with rod holders, paddle storage, cargo space and a comfortable seat. Durable rotomolded polyethylene construction ensures years of adventure in lakes, rivers and oceans. Compact, stable and loaded with angler-friendly details, the PK11 lets you fish further with less effort.

The next big catch is waiting! Gear up and glide out hands-free with the ultimate fishing kayak.


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