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BKC PK14 Tandem Pedal Fishing Kayak: Double the Fun with Dual Pedal Power




Double the Adventure with BKC’s Tandem Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak

Want to cover more water while spending quality time together? The BKC PK14 tandem pedal kayak makes it easy to explore lakes and rivers hands-free. Two people can pedal in sync or take turns cruising with the dual pedal drive system, leaving hands free to fish, snap photos or relax. Pedaling is faster and easier than paddling over long distances. When you want a workout, two adjustable aluminum paddles are included. Add the optional trolling motor for even more range and power with less effort.

The innovative pedal drive system propels and steers the 14 foot kayak. Pedal forward, reverse direction or stop on a dime – all with your feet. A hand-operated rudder provides precise steering while pedaling or paddling. With instant reverse and superior tracking, navigating tight spaces is stress-free.

Loaded with Fishing and Adventure Accessories

This tandem pedal kayak has all the features two people need for fishing trips or day-long adventures. Each seat has an ergonomic backrest and breathable mesh for comfort while waiting for a bite. Rod holders keep fishing poles secure but accessible. Convenient hatches and bungees let you stash snacks, gear and electronics. With two paddle parks, paddles are always within reach but out of the way.

Stable, Durable Construction for 2 Paddlers

Made in the USA using durable, roto-molded polyethylene, this kayak is impact-resistant and more rigid than inflatable boats. At 14 feet long and 34 inches wide, the stable hull easily balances two people and gear. Carry handles make it easy to transport at 45 pounds. Onboard, it supports up to an impressive 670 pounds.

Whether you’re fishing, exploring or exercising, the PK14 tandem kayak offers efficiency, versatility and quality for two. Make memories together on the water with the ultimate pedal-powered kayak.

Pedal, Paddle or Power: Choose Your Propulsion

With the versatility to pedal, paddle or motor, you can tailor each trip with the PK14 tandem fishing kayak:

Dual Pedal Drive: Let your feet do the work! The dual pedal system propels the kayak faster and easier than paddling alone. Perfect for covering longer distances hands-free.

Paddling: When you want a workout, use the two included adjustable aluminum paddles. Paddling works well for precise maneuvering in tight spaces.

Trolling Motor: Add an optional trolling motor to customize the kayak for more range and faster cruising with less physical effort.

The flexibility of pedal, paddle or motor power means you can adventure your way. Speed across the lake to your favorite fishing hole using the pedals. Paddle through marshy backwaters and enjoy the scenery. Use the trolling motor to swiftly move between fishing spots.

However you prefer to propel it, the PK14 combines stability, accessories and ample capacity for two. Pedal hands-free, then cast your lines in the perfect spot. This versatile tandem kayak can handle it all.

Stable, Durable and Spacious for Two

With room for two adults plus gear, it’s important for a tandem kayak to be stable, durable and spacious. Learn how the BKC PK14 delivers:

Rotomolded Polyethylene Build: Made in a specialized rotating mold under high pressure, the single-piece hull is extremely rugged. The durable material withstands scrapes, bumps and UV rays during years of use.

34 Inch Beam: At 34 inches wide, the PK14 provides excellent lateral stability for two paddlers or pedalers. The broad beam makes it difficult to capsize.

14 Foot Length: Compact enough for easy transport and storage, the 14 foot length still tracks smoothly. The sleek hull shape glides cleanly through water for efficient pedaling or paddling.

670 Pound Capacity: With incredible load capacity, you can bring all the fishing and camping gear needed for days on the water. The kayak remains balanced and secure.

Whether riding ocean swells or fishing a mountain lake, the PK14 stays stable and secure. The impact-resistant polyethylene construction is tough enough for years of adventure together.

Packed with Features for Fishing and Fun

In addition to hands-free pedaling, the PK14 tandem fishing kayak includes plenty of helpful accessories:

Rod Holders: Mounted flush on the hull, adjustable rod holders keep your poles secure and ready for action. Set each at your ideal angle.

Paddle Storage: Two specialized paddle parks keep paddles stashed but near at hand. Easy to grab when you want to paddle instead of pedal.

Cargo Space: With (3) hatches and bungees, there’s ample room to stow tackle boxes, snacks, electronics and other gear during the day.

Comfy Seats: Adjustable, padded seats with breathable mesh keep you comfortable all day. Set each seat’s recline to your preference.

The PK14 simplifies fishing and adventuring so you can relax and have fun. Pedal hands-free to your destination, then drop your lines. Rod holders keep poles secure, while paddle parks stow blades once you arrive. With gear stored in the cargo space, just kick back and enjoy!

Double Your Fun in the BKC PK14 Tandem Kayak

Create lasting memories together in the versatile PK14 tandem pedal kayak. Its unique dual pedal drive system allows hands-free cruising so you can enjoy the ride – no paddling required. Optional motor and paddle power let you travel however you want.

This stable, sit-on-top kayak has space for two plus all the fishing essentials. Rod holders, paddle storage, cargo space and comfy seats ensure both paddlers have an amazing day. The durable polyethylene hull withstands years of adventure in oceans, lakes and rivers.

With room to spare, helpful accessories and the freedom of pedal power, the PK14 makes kayaking more fun. Paddle, pedal and play together in the ultimate tandem kayak.

How Dual Pedal Power Works

Here’s an overview of how the dual pedal drive system propels this innovative tandem kayak:

– Each seat has a pedal drive unit with tough plastic pedals, similar to a bicycle.

– Pedals control individual propellers mounted under the hull on each side.

– Pedaling spins the propellers, pushing the kayak forward through the water.

– Pedal in reverse to quickly stop or reverse direction.

– A steering rudder with foot controls keeps the kayak tracking straight when pedaling.

– Hands remain completely free to fish, take photos, eat a snack, relax and enjoy the ride.

With less effort than paddling, the synchronized pedaling system allows efficient cruising. Pedal as much or as little as you want to reach your destination. Then freely cast your lines while the kayak remains stationary hands-free. Experience the freedom of pedal power in this versatile tandem kayak!

Paddle, Pedal and Play in the BKC PK14

Make memories together on the water with the ingenious BKC PK14 tandem pedal kayak. Its unique dual pedal system allows hands-free fishing, easy cruising between spots and relaxed paddling with less effort.

This stable, polyethylene kayak has abundant cargo space, rod holders, paddle storage and comfy seats so you can pack for adventure. Track straight and turn easily using the foot-controlled rudder.

Whether you’re new paddlers or avid anglers, the PK14 tandem kayak unlocks fun on the water. Paddle, pedal and play all day with extra room for your partner and gear. Explore further, fish longer and make lasting memories in this amazing hands-free kayak built for two!


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