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BLUESTORM Arcus 40 Automatic/Manual Inflatable Life Vest – USCG Approved Type II PFD for Adults


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Stay safe and comfortable on the water with the BLUESTORM Arcus 40 inflatable life jacket, designed for superior performance and certified by the US Coast Guard as a Type II personal flotation device. This versatile vest provides outstanding comfort and flexibility for fishing, boating, kayaking, sailing and other water activities.

Automatically or Manually Inflates to Keep You Afloat

The Arcus 40 inflates automatically upon immersion in water thanks to an easy-to-replace CO2 inflation cylinder (cylinder included). It can also be inflated manually by pulling the “jerk to inflate” cord or using the oral inflation tube as a backup. Whichever way it inflates, this life vest will quickly get you to the surface and keep your head above water in an emergency.

Lightweight, Low-Profile Design Moves With You

Weighing just 2 pounds, the Arcus 40 is an extremely lightweight inflatable life jacket that won’t weigh you down. The wide neck opening and contoured shape provide a flexible, non-restrictive fit that moves with your body. Soft, breathable padding at the collar prevents chafing while the open sides allow air to flow through for cooling comfort on hot days.

3D Mesh Panels Allow Air Circulation

Strategically placed 3D mesh panels behind the shoulders, along the sides and at the lower back conform to your body shape while allowing maximum air circulation. This breathable material wicks moisture and dries quickly if you get splashed or sprayed, keeping you cooler on sweltering days.

Quick Burst Zipper for Security and Fast Access

A heavy-duty zipper with quick burst technology keeps the life vest securely wrapped around your torso during fishing, boating, kayaking and other rigorous activities. Yet it separates rapidly when the vest inflates or needs to be put on or taken off. The zipper won’t fail just when you need your PFD most.

Reflective Accents and Whistle for Visibility

Your safety is our top concern. That’s why the Arcus 40 includes reflective accents to help you be seen in low light conditions and a whistle to signal for help. The bright colors also contribute to visibility on the water.

Dual Adjustable Straps for Secure, Customized Fit

Dual adjustable side straps let you cinch the life vest for a snug, secure fit. Pull the straps in to take up slack and get a customized fit around your torso. This helps prevent the inflatable PFD from shifting or riding up while you boat, fish, paddle board and more.

Inflatable Design is Compact and Portable

Thanks to the inflatable chambers, this USCG-approved life jacket folds up into a compact pack just 5 inches thick. It’s easy to store onboard your boat or take along on trips. The lightweight vest won’t take up much room in your luggage or backpack when traveling.

Universal Sizing Fits Most Adults

With adjustable straps and a flexible design, the Arcus 40 life vest fits most adult chest sizes ranging from 30 to 56 inches. It’s great for both men and women and works for small, medium, large and extra large builds. Perfect for sharing with family and friends!

Superior Buoyancy Rating for Maximum Flotation

When inflated, the Arcus 40 provides an incredible 40 pounds of buoyancy – 2.5 times higher than basic foam PFDs. The outstanding flotation keeps your head well above water to improve visibility and breathing even in heavy chop. Feel secure knowing this vest exceeds US Coast Guard requirements.

Perfect for Fishing, Boating, Kayaking and More

This versatile USCG-approved life jacket is ideal for all types of recreational water activities including fishing, power boating, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, paddling and more. It provides reliable safety without restricting motion whether you’re casting a line or paddling hard.

Premium Materials for Durability

Constructed from rugged 420 denier ripstop nylon, the Arcus 40 stands up to years of regular use. It resists punctures, tears and damage while providing long-lasting performance you can trust. Enjoy peace of mind knowing this life vest will be there when you need it.

Care and Maintenance Tips

– Check the CO2 cylinder and oral inflator regularly and replace as needed.

– Allow the life jacket to air dry thoroughly after use and before storing.

– Pack it loosely and avoid tight folds to prevent damage.

– Follow all included care instructions to ensure proper functioning.

– Test inflation occasionally and rearm as directed.

We Stand Behind Our Products

Your satisfaction with our inflatable life vests is our top priority. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee along with our 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Our helpful customer service team is ready to assist if you have any issues or questions. We want you to have an outstanding experience with our products!

Stay safe and comfortable when boating, fishing, paddling and playing on the water with the Bluestorm Arcus 40 – a lightweight, low-profile inflatable life vest approved by the US Coast Guard. Order yours today!


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