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BTG Gear Pair of Heavy Duty Boat Dock Line Rubber Snubbers – Absorb Tension & Protect Cleats


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Looking for an easy and affordable way to protect your boat, dock hardware, and lines? Introducing the BTG Gear pair of heavy duty boat dock line rubber snubbers. These rugged shock absorbers are designed to preserve your investment by reducing tension and absorbing shock.

Absorb Stress That Can Damage Your Boat

Docking a boat puts a massive amount of strain on lines, cleats, and the boat itself. Constant high tension and shock loads can loosen deck hardware, splinter cleats, and fray or even snap dock lines. BTG Gear’s snubbers allow the rubber to absorb the energy instead of your gear taking the beating. Just attach them to the dock lines and experience an immediate decrease in tension. The snubbers will stretch and rebound to compensate for tidal changes, wind, and wave action.

Universal Sizing For Nearly Any Application

This 2-pack of dock line snubbers features our medium size which fits 3/4 inch (18mm) and 1/2 inch (14mm) diameter lines. It also fits the metric equivalent of 16mm and 12mm line diameters. The snubbers work with both braided and 3-strand rope. The versatile design suits sailboats, powerboats, pontoons, personal watercraft, and docks.

Heavy Duty Construction Built to Last

BTG Gear only uses top grade rubber and durable stitching in our snubbers. The ultra tough rubber compound is resistant to damaging UV rays, salt water, chemicals, and ozone. It retains flexibility and shock absorbing properties much longer than inferior rubber. Sturdy nylon stitching and galvanized thimbles provide strength at the stress points. These snubbers will hold up to the marine environment for years of reliable service.

Easy Installation – No Special Hardware Needed

Installing our dock line snubbers takes just seconds and requires no additional gear. Simply tie or shackle the line directly to the galvanized thimble on the end of the snubber. Apply enough tension so that the snubber is slightly extended at rest. It will stretch further to dampen shock loads. Place between the boat and dock, keeping the snubber floating on top of the water. Do not allow it to drag on the sea floor where it could become damaged.


– Set of 2 heavy duty dock line snubbers

– Fits 3/4 inch (18mm) or 1/2 inch (14mm) braided/3-strand lines

– UV, chemical and ozone resistant rubber lasts longer

– Durable nylon stitching with galvanized thimbles

– Easy to install – no extra hardware required

– Reduces line tension and absorbs shock

– Protects dock cleats, hardware and lines from damage

– Helps compensate for tide, wind and wave action

– Universal design for powerboats, sailboats, docks


– Snubber Dimensions: 7 inches x 2 inches diameter

– Thimble Inside Diameter: 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch

– Line Capacity: 1/2 inch (14mm) to 3/4 inch (18mm)

– Weight: 1.25 lbs per snubber

– Quantity: Set of 2 shock absorbing dock line snubbers

Protect Your Investment

Docking a boat repeatedly puts tremendous forces on deck hardware, ropes, and the boat itself. Allowing snubbers to absorb energy instead preserves your investment and reduces maintenance costs. Snubbers also compensate for changes in wind, currents, and tides to keep your boat securely moored with consistent gentle tension.

Experience the benefits for yourself. Order a set of BTG Gear heavy duty rubber dock line snubbers today. Our products are designed by boaters for boaters. We back every snubber with a satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service.


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