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Byllstore Boat Fender Cover Sock | Customizable Protection for Your Boat’s Hull




Keep your boat’s hull protected from scratches and scuffs with the Byllstore Boat Fender Cover Sock. This versatile fender cover provides a custom fit for fenders 10-12 inches in diameter and up to 200 inches in length.

Customizable Length for a Perfect Fit

The best feature of this boat fender cover is its adjustability. At 200 inches long, it can be easily cut to the ideal size to snugly fit your specific fender length. This allows you to get a tailored fit for your boat fenders, creating a smooth finish that enhances your boat’s aesthetic. No more dealing with loose or baggy fender covers that look sloppy.

Durable and Flexible Material

Constructed from a blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, the fabric is designed for both durability and flexibility. The stretchy material conforms precisely to the shape of your fender, preventing the cover from slipping or sliding off. The blend also withstands wear and tear from the marine environment.

Superior Hull Protection

The snug fit around the fender prevents the hull from rubbing up against the rough fender surface when docking or mooring. This eliminates scratches, scuffs and paint damage on your boat. The cover also protects the fender itself from UV rays, dirt and debris.

Cost-Effective Boat Fender Solution

Purchasing separate fender covers can get expensive. With its adjustable sizing, this single fender cover sock can create multiple covers. This provides significant savings over buying individual fitted fender covers. It’s also a cheaper solution than many universal or one-size options.

Easy to Install and Use

Installation takes just minutes:

  1. Slide the cover sock over the fender.
  2. Cut the sock to your desired length using scissors.
  3. Roll the cut edges for a finished look.

Unlike covers that use ties or fasteners, the Byllstore Boat Fender Cover Sock fits tightly in place without extra attachments. To remove, simply slide the cover off the ends – no need to untie knots or undo buckles!

Stylish Navy Blue Design

Available in a bold navy blue, this fender cover complements any watercraft. The color won’t fade or bleed from sun exposure. The self-rolled edges provide a neat, sophisticated finish.

For Boats Big and Small

This adjustable fender cover is ideal for powerboats, sailboats, personal watercraft and more. Protect the hulls on small dinghies, mid-sized cruisers or large yachts. It’s suitable for inflatable, foam or solid fenders.

Complete Peace of Mind

Saving your boat from dings, scrapes and ugly scratches provides peace of mind. The Byllstore Boat Fender Cover Sock delivers proven protection so you can relax knowing your boat is safe from harm while docked.

Trusted Brand for Boat Owners

Byllstore is a leading brand trusted by boat owners worldwide. We specialize in crafting high quality, affordable marine accessories designed for superior performance. Our customers rely on Byllstore for all their boating needs.

Give your boat the protection it deserves. Order the Byllstore Boat Fender Cover Sock now to get a custom fit that perfectly matches your fenders. Your boat’s hull will thank you.


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