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Cadence Vigor Spinning Reel – Lightweight and Powerful Fishing Reel 9+1 BB with 36 LBs Max Drag


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Experience the silky smoothness and power of the Cadence Vigor Spinning Reel. This lightweight yet durable reel is engineered for effortless casting and retrieval, giving you a smooth fishing experience every time.

Smooth as Silk

The Vigor spinning reel features 9 corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings and 1 instant anti-reverse bearing imported from Japan. Combined with a high speed 6.2:1 gear ratio, you’ll enjoy incredibly smooth casts and retrieves. The stainless steel construction prevents corrosion, while the instant anti-reverse bearing eliminates frustrating back play.

Lightweight Magnesium Frame

At the core of the Vigor spinning reel is a lightweight magnesium frame and body. Magnesium is 34% lighter than aluminum yet 1.5 times stronger, giving you a reel that fights fatigue without sacrificing strength. The reduced weight makes casting and retrieving all day a breeze.

Powerful 36 LB Carbon Fiber Drag

Hooking into a trophy fish? The Vigor is up for the fight. It boasts an astounding 36 pounds of maximum drag from the carbon fiber drag system. Powered by a wave spring mechanism, the drag stays smooth and consistent at all settings. Large fish won’t stand a chance.

Ergonomic EVA Knob

Cadence designed the Vigor with an ergonomic EVA handle knob for all-day comfort. EVA foam provides a soft yet durable grip, even when wet. The knob shape fits perfectly in your palm to reduce hand strain. Spend more time fishing and less time worrying about an uncomfortable reel handle.

Sealed Drag

To prevent grit, sand, or water from compromising the drag system, Cadence included sealed rubber gaskets. Debris won’t work its way into the vital drag components, meaning you can fish with confidence in any environment. Cast away without worry on the beach, rocks, or pier knowing your reel is protected.

Interchangeable Handles

The Vigor spinning reel features interchangeable machined aluminum handle assemblies for left or right hand retrieval. Easily switch handle sides by removing one screw. Whether you naturally cast right or left handed, the Vigor provides a customized fishing experience.

Robust Bail System

A machined aluminum bail wire flips open and closed smoothly on each cast. stainless steel ball bearings minimize friction. The one-piece bail design eliminates weak points that could lead to failure. You’ll enjoy years of consistent performance thanks to this robust bail system.

Braid Ready Spool

The Vigor comes equipped with a braid ready spool. When pairing superline braided line and a spinning reel, slippage can occur. Cadence solves this by machining the spool to form a deeper braid channel. Braided line digs in securely, increasing casting distance and preventing frustrating line slips.

Corrosion Protection

To protect against corrosion, Cadence treats components with a special coating process. Internal parts, like the main shaft, pinion gear, and drive gear are kept safe from rust and wear. You’ll enjoy years of smooth performance from the Vigor spinning reel.

Unbeatable Value

For its quality components and high end features, the Cadence Vigor spinning reel is an unbeatable value. Experience smooth, reliable performance for less. Cadence proves you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy feature-rich fishing gear.

The Vigor spinning reel offers premium features found in reels costing far more:

– 9 Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Ball Bearings + 1 Anti-Reverse Bearing
– Lightweight Magnesium Frame and Side Plates
– 6.2:1 High Speed Gear Ratio
– Powerful 36 LB Max Carbon Fiber Drag
– Ergonomic EVA Foam Handle Knob
– Interchangeable Handles
– Robust Machined Aluminum Bail System
– Braid Ready Spool
– Corrosion Protection Coating

Enjoy silky smooth casts and retrieves along with fish-stopping 36 pound drag. The lightweight magnesium frame fights fatigue on long fishing days. Cadence equips the Vigor spinning reel with high-end features found in much more expensive reels. Experience premium quality at an unbeatable value with Cadence.


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