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Cannon Clamp Mount for Downrigger – Corrosion Resistant Aluminum with Powder Coated Finish – Fits Most Downriggers Up to 2″ Width


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Secure Your Downrigger and Upgrade Your Fishing Experience

Take your fishing adventures to the next level with the Cannon Clamp Mount for Downrigger. This heavy-duty clamp mount provides a sturdy and secure way to attach your downrigger to the gunwale or transom of your boat. Expertly constructed from machined aluminum and finished with a durable powder coated surface, this downrigger mount is built to withstand corrosion from the harsh marine environment.

Made to Fit a Variety of Downrigger Models

The Cannon downrigger clamp mount is compatible with many major downrigger models including the Lake-Troll, Sport-Troll, Legacy Easi-Troll, and Mini-Mag downriggers. With an adjustable clamp opening of up to 2 inches wide, this mount can accommodate most standard downrigger widths. Simply open the clamp, attach to your downrigger, and tighten the knobs to lock it securely in place.

Rig Your Boat for Productive Fishing Days

Having a sturdy and reliable downrigger mount is a key component of a well-equipped fishing boat. Downriggers allow you to precisely control lure depth and troll multiple lines at different depths with ease. This Cannon clamp mount provides the ideal mounting solution whether you need to install a new downrigger or replace an old worn-out mount.

The dual horizontal clamps grip your downrigger tightly while preventing vibration and slippage. Rubber inserts cushion the hold while providing extra grip. This protects your downrigger from damage during transport and offshore trips. Anglers can take on rough seas and strong game fish without worrying about their downrigger coming loose.

Cannon Quality for Long-Lasting Performance

At Cannon, we have a strong passion for fishing that runs deep. We pour our love of fishing into designing rugged, high-performing products built to endure years of use. Our aluminum downrigger mount features exceptional corrosion resistance so it can withstand saltwater environments. The thick powder coated finish further protects against UV rays, chips, and scratches.

Whether you fish mostly freshwater or saltwater, this secure clamp mount provides dependable strength and durability trip after trip. Feel confident rigging extra lines and going after big fish without concern of equipment failure. Rest assured your downrigger will stay locked in place and ready for action.

Rig Your Boat Like a Pro

Having versatile, heavy-duty mounting options allows you to rig your boat for specialized trolling techniques. Add multiple downrigger mounts to run divers or planer boards off separate downriggers. Or equip your boat with rod holders and swivel mounts to run multiple lines off each downrigger. Customize your setup perfectly for the species you target and fishing methods you use.

With the Cannon downrigger clamp mount, you can recreate professional sport fishing boat rigging on your own vessel. Follow the lead of the pros by investing in top-quality gear designed for outlasting tough ocean conditions. Your boat will be outfitted to achieve the downrigger precision needed for filling your fish box consistently.

Experience Better Fishing with Cannon

For over 65 years, Cannon has helped anglers fill more tags and catch more fish. Their innovative mounts, rod holders, downriggers, and accessories give anglers the competitive edge. With a Cannon clamp mount securing your downrigger, you can spend more time catching fish and less time fiddling with equipment. Experience the stability, strength, and fish-grabbing performance you need to take your fishing to the next level.


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