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Carbon Express Maxima RED Contour Mossy Oak Camo Arrows, Fletched, 350 & 400 Spines




Take your archery accuracy to the next level with the Carbon Express Maxima RED Contour arrows. Designed for hunters, these high-performance carbon arrows feature Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camouflage to keep you concealed while providing superior accuracy and flight. Maxima RED Contour arrows are the ultimate combination of precision and stealth.

Superior Camouflage and Flight

The Maxima RED Contour arrows utilize Mossy Oak Contour camo pattern on the exterior to help you blend into treestands and ground blinds. The camo pattern features branches, leaves, and shadows to disguise your presence. Available in 350 and 400 spines, the contour camo arrows deliver exceptional accuracy and straight, true arrow flight. Even in windy conditions, you can depend on the Maxima RED Contour’s stability and accuracy for ethical shots.

Red Zone Accuracy Technology

Managing dynamic arrow spine is crucial for accuracy. The high-tech carbon design of the Maxima RED Contour arrows uses Red Zone Technology – stiffer ends to contain flex to the center “red zone” of the arrow. This creates more consistent arrow flight by reducing paradox flexing of the tip and tail. The result? Maxima RED Contour arrows deliver an amazing 4x more accuracy than traditional single-spine arrows.

Tri-Spine Weight Forward Technology

The Maxima RED Contour arrows also utilize Tri-Spine Technology – three different spine zones within each arrow to control flex. This creates even more consistent arrow flight compared to single-spine designs. The weight-forward center section stiffens dynamic spine while the less reinforced outer zones provide optimal flex. You get precision arrow flight for unparalleled downrange accuracy.

Superior Components

Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon, the small diameter .203″ Maxima RED Contour arrows maximize kinetic energy for greater penetration. They feature bullseye style Bulldog nock collars to ensure consistent nock fit and Launch Pad precision nocks for optimal arrow guidance off the string. Premium insert systems provide added weight up front for flatter trajectory.

Spine Selection Sorted

Each set of Maxima RED Contour arrows is laser-checked for straightness tolerances of +/- .0025″. The arrows are spine selection sorted into groups of +/- 1.0 grains weight to assure consistency. Available in 350 spine weighing 9.7 grains per inch and 400 spine at 8.7 grains per inch. Get the trajectory and downrange accuracy you need.

Technical Specifications:

  • Available Spines: 350 & 400
  • Straightness Tolerance: +/- .0025″
  • Weight Sorting Tolerance: +/- 1.0 grains
  • Camo Pattern: Mossy Oak Break-Up Country
  • Nocks: Launch Pad Precision
  • Inserts: Carbon Express Premium
  • Collars: Bulldog

Carbon Express Quality

For over 25 years, Carbon Express has engineered the most innovative, high-performance hunting arrows on the market. Trust the Carbon Express Maxima RED Contour arrows to provide you with stealth, accuracy, and ethical harvests this season. With Mossy Oak camo and advanced carbon arrow technology, the Maxima RED Contour arrows offer the ultimate in precision shooting.


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