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Catch More Bait and Fish with Proximitck Premium Cast Nets


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Take your saltwater fishing to the next level with a high-quality cast net from Proximitck. Expertly crafted with premium materials, these bait and fishing nets help anglers trap more live bait to catch bigger hauls. Available in 4ft to 12ft radius sizes, find the perfect cast net for your needs.

Tightly Woven 3/8in Mesh Prevents Bait Escape

The tightly woven 3/8in mesh creates a bottom seal that keeps bait securely inside the net after casting. The small holes prevent shrimp, mullet, menhaden, and other live baits from escaping while allowing water to pass through. Load up your cast net with plenty of lively bait to attract fish on every cast.

Heavy Stainless Steel Weights for Quick Sinking

The stainless steel round weights provide the heft needed to quickly sink the net to the bottom. Made with rust-resistant stainless steel, the weights securely attach to the hand lines with strong hardware connectors to create a tight bottom seal. The fast sink allows you to trap bait swimming underneath before they know what’s coming.

10ft Radius Net Catches Large Bait Hauls

With its wide 10ft radius, the large cast net captures huge bait balls in a single toss. The extensive spread covers more area to trap schools of shrimp, croakers, and other bait fish that congregate underwater. Pull up dozens of lively baits to keep the action going all day long.

Throwing Aid Belt for Greatly Improved Casting Distance

The included throwing aid belt takes your casting distance to the next level by providing leverage for longer, sweeping throws. Just attach the belt around your waist and clip it to the three heavy-duty carabiners on the rear of the net. Use your hip momentum to achieve greater throwing power.

Heavy-Duty Rope Handline for a Firm Grip

Hold and retrieve the net securely with the thick braided nylon handline. The durable rope won’t cut into your hands like thinner variants. It also enables experienced casters to apply maximum force when throwing. The strong clip connector ensures the handline stays firmly attached to the net.

Premium Craftsmanship for Years of Use

Constructed from premium materials by expert net makers, Proximitck cast nets are built to last season after season. The dense hand-knotted polyethylene mesh, sturdy stainless steel hardware, and thick braided ropes outlast cheaper competitors. Spend less time repairing and more time fishing.

Save Money on Bait Costs

Stop wasting money purchasing bait each trip when you can trap your own fresh bait in abundance. A good cast net provides bait for multiple fishing outings and saves significantly on bait expenses over a season.

Upgrade your fishing arsenal with a premium cast net handcrafted by the pros at Proximitck. Order today to start trapping more bait and reeling in bigger catches!


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