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Catch More Crabs with the AirFly Castable Crab Traps – Perfect for Dungeness, Rock, and Blue Crabs!


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Crabbing is a fun outdoor activity that yields delicious results. But without the right gear, your crabbing adventures can be frustrating and unproductive. That’s why the AirFly Castable Crab Traps are a must-have for any crabbing enthusiast.

These ingenious traps are specifically designed to catch more Dungeness, Rock, and Blue crabs with minimal effort on your part. The secret is in the self-opening loops that shoot straight up into the air, even when submerged under water. This unique loop design keeps the trap open to lure in unsuspecting crabs.

Easy to Use Right Out of the Box

The AirFly Crab Traps come fully assembled and ready to use. Each set includes 3 crab traps, a stainless steel crab gauge for quickly measuring your catch, a crabbing glove to safely handle feisty crabs, and 6 replacement loops.

To use, simply add your favorite bait inside the 4″ x 2″ x 1″ bait cage. Then gently toss the lightweight trap off a pier, dock, or beach. The trap gracefully sinks and the loops automatically open to entice crabs inside. Wait patiently and then slowly pull up your trap – you’ll be amazed by how many crabs are caught inside!

The durable polyethylene and stainless steel construction stands up to repeated use, season after season. And the compact size makes storage a breeze.

Trap Design Maximizes Your Crabbing Success

What makes the AirFly Crab Trap so effective? The innovative 6-loop vertical design expertly catches crabs while reducing bycatch. Here are the key features:

  • 6 flexible 14 inch loops automatically open when the trap hits the water. This allows crabs easy access inside.
  • Small 0.065 inch diameter loops are ideal for snaring Dungeness, Rock, and Blue crabs. The size deters larger animals from entering and stealing your bait.
  • 1 ounce integrated weight sinks the trap quickly. 2 ounces of bait excite crabs to enter. And the lightweight 3 ounce cage won’t tilt over in currents or waves.
  • 4 x 2 x 1 inch bait cage gives crabs plenty of space to take the bait while keeping it secure.

The end result? More crabs in your trap and less time waiting for a full catch!

Designed for Fishing Rod Use Too

While excellent for pier, dock, and beach use, the AirFly Crab Trap truly excels when paired with a fishing rod. The lightweight design allows you to cast long distances from shore or a boat. Use a small sinker for added stability.

Let out plenty of line and wait for that satisfying tug. Slowly reel in your trap and be rewarded with a bounty of crabs. It takes just minutes to rebait and recast again and again. You’ll accumulate an impressive haul of delicious Dungeness, Rock, or Blue crabs in no time!

Crab Like a Pro with Helpful Accessories

To make your crabbing experience even easier, AirFly includes useful accessories:

  • Stainless Steel Crab Gauge – Quickly measure if your crabs meet local size regulations before keeping them.
  • Crab Glove – Safely pick up testy crabs without getting pinched or cut.
  • 6 Replacement Loops – Easily swap out any damaged loops to keep your traps working perfectly.

Don’t settle for underperforming traps that leave you crab-less. The ingenious loop design on the AirFly Castable Crab Traps will have you hauling in loads of succulent Dungeness, Rock, and Blue crabs in no time.

Order now and get crabbing!


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