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Coghlan’s Emergency Camp Stove Fuel Tablets, 24-Count – Portable, Smokeless Fuel for Outdoor Cooking


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Coghlan’s fuel tablets provide a safe, efficient way to cook during your outdoor adventures. This 24-pack of smokeless, odorless tablets offers reliable performance for camping, backpacking, and emergency preparedness.

Portable Fuel for Camp Stoves

These tablets work with Coghlan’s and other portable emergency stoves. They provide a clean-burning fuel source when you need to cook a meal outdoors.

The compact tablets easily store in packs and survival kits. Bring them camping or stash them in your bug out bag. They ignite quickly and burn hot to cook food and boil water.

Smokeless and Odorless

Coghlan’s fuel tablets burn clean without smoke or odor. You don’t have to worry about inhaling fumes or attracting bugs and animals. Feel comfortable and safe cooking in your tent or under a tarp.

The tablets are non-toxic and safer than liquid fuels like white gas. Make sure to still provide adequate ventilation when cooking in enclosed spaces.

Long-Lasting Performance

Each tablet offers 12 minutes of burn time. Use 1-2 tablets to boil water for freeze dried meals, coffee, and dehydrated food. For extended cooking, stack multiple tablets for extra burn time.

The compact tablets weigh only 0.5 oz. each. Stash dozens in your pack without adding unnecessary weight or bulk.

Reliable performance makes them ideal for survival situations when you need to cook without standard kitchen tools.

Essential Gear for Outdoor Adventures

These smokeless fuel tablets equip you to cook during:

– Camping trips
– Backpacking excursions
– Fishing and hunting outings
– Survival emergencies
– Off-grid activities
– Disaster preparedness

The tablets are trusted among preppers, survivalists, and outdoor enthusiasts. Stash them in your bug out bag, emergency kit, cabin, or any place you may need to cook off-grid.

Use with Coghlan’s stoves or other portable cookers that can accommodate solid fuel tablets. Just place a tablet in the burner, ignite with a match or lighter, and cook away.

Coghlan’s Camping Gear and Survival Tools

For over 60 years, Coghlan’s has supplied outdoor adventurers with gear to survive and thrive in nature. They offer a range of stoves, lanterns, tents, and other equipment.

Their compact emergency stoves burn cleanly with these smokeless fuel tablets. Use the stove and tablets together for a portable cooking system anywhere.

Coghlan’s also produces emergency blankets, first aid kits, knives, lights, and more. Browse our store to outfit your next adventure!

Stay safe and comfortable outdoors with Coghlan’s quality camping and survival tools. Get cooking with these convenient smokeless fuel tablets. Order a pack for your next trip today!

Product Details

  • 24 smokeless fuel tablets for camping stoves
  • Each tablet burns 12 minutes to boil water and cook food
  • Odorless, smokeless, and non-toxic formula
  • Lights easily with match or lighter
  • Works with Coghlan’s and similar portable stoves
  • Provides reliable performance outdoors
  • Compact and lightweight for packing
  • Made in the USA

Use Coghlan’s Fuel Tablets For:

  • Camp stove cooking
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Survival situations
  • Backpacking meals
  • Off-grid and remote locations
  • Disaster readiness kits
  • Bug out bags
  • Hunting and fishing trips

Customer Reviews

“These tablets are great for camping and survival uses. They light easily and burn for a decent time. I appreciate that they are smokeless and odorless when used properly.”

“Bought these for emergency supplies and camping. Better alternative to liquid fuel since they are non-toxic and cleaner burning. Work well with my little stove.”

“Very compact and convenient way to cook or boil water when hiking and backpacking. Much easier to pack and use than propane or liquid fuels.”

“Good addition for any prepper or survivalist to have on hand. You can cook or boil water anywhere with these and a portable stove.”


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