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COLOFULWAY 4″ Heavy Duty Boat Trailer Roller Assembly – Corrosion Resistant PVC with Cushioned Bow Stopper


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Smoothly launch your boat into the water and haul it out again with this heavy duty 4 inch boat trailer roller assembly from COLOFULWAY. Constructed from durable and corrosion resistant PVC, this marine-grade component is designed to stand up to years of use in freshwater and saltwater environments without rusting or marking your boat hull.

Cushions and Protects Your Boat

The thick 4 inch diameter PVC roller provides plenty of surface area to gently support the weight of your boat on the trailer. It absorbs road shock and vibration while you tow, keeping your boat stable and minimizing stress on the hull.

This roller assembly includes a bow stop cushion with durable plastic end bells. The soft rubber stopper protects your boat’s bow when loading and unloading, preventing damage from impact against the trailer. The end bells center the roller on the 1/2 inch shaft and prevent the boat hull from rubbing against mounting bolts or brackets.

Corrosion and Impact Resistant

The heavy duty PVC roller material is resistant to UV rays, gasoline, oil, and saltwater. You can use it in fresh or saltwater applications without corrosion or damage over time. Even after years of use, it retains its smooth surface without cracking or dry rot.

The specially formulated PVC stands up to impact, abrasion, and stress without bending or deforming. Its inherent flexibility absorbs shock rather than transmitting it directly to your boat hull. Even if you accidentally let the winch strap slip while loading, this roller helps prevent hull damage.

Easy to Install and Maintain

This roller assembly is designed for standard 1/2 inch trailer roller shafts. It’s easy to install by sliding the assembly onto your existing shaft, no need to replace the entire axle. Stainless steel mounting hardware is included.

To keep it rolling smoothly, simply rinse the PVC roller with fresh water after saltwater use. No need to grease or oil it. The marine-grade polymer retains its low friction surface for the long haul.

Customizable Configuration

Use this heavy duty COLOFULWAY roller assembly on single or multiple axle trailers. Combine it with different size rollers for custom bow stop or keel support configurations.

For example, install 4 inch rollers near the winch stand for optimal bow support. Then use 6 inch rollers further back on the trailer to bear the weight of the boat’s midsection. The PVC material ensures smooth loading regardless of placement.

Designed for Medium to Large Boat Trailers

With its durable construction and 4 inch diameter, this roller assembly is ideal for hauling boats up to 30 feet long. It provides the right blend of strength and shock absorption for fiberglass fishing boats, aluminum bass boats, bowriders, deck boats, pontoons, and more.

The UV and corrosion resistant PVC stands up to marine environments when hauling keel boats like center console fishing boats, bay boats, flats boats, and offshore outboard powered boats.

Specification Summary:

  • Roller Material: PVC plastic
  • Roller Diameter: 4 inches
  • Fits Standard: 1/2 inch trailer roller shafts
  • Includes: Bow stop cushion and end bells
  • Hardware: Stainless steel bolts/nuts included
  • Weight Capacity: Heavy duty rating
  • Usage: Freshwater and saltwater
  • UV, Gasoline, and Oil Resistant
  • Softens Shock on Boat Hull
  • Won’t Rust, Crack, or Dry Rot
  • Low Maintenance Design

Get Smooth and Safe Boat Launching

This COLOFULWAY roller set is built to protect your boat hull and provide years of reliable service. The marine-grade PVC construction cushions your boat while absorbing vibration and minimizing corrosion.

For easy launching and loading without damage, upgrade your trailer with these heavy duty bow stop roller assemblies today. They make convenient additions for new trailer builds or replacement components for refurbishing an older trailer.


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