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Crimson Trace LG-901 Rosewood Master Series Laser Sight – Instinctive Activation for Fast Target Acquisition with 1911 Full-Size Pistols


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The Crimson Trace LG-901 Rosewood Master Series laser sight instantly projects a bright green laser dot on your target for faster aim and more accurate shots with 1911 full-size pistols. This premium laser mounts securely to the trigger guard and activates instinctively when you grip your firearm for dependable performance when it matters most.

Key Features:

– Visible 5mW peak green laser for daylight visibility
– Automatically activates when firearm grip is held naturally
– 4+ hours of battery life from included lithium batteries
– User-adjustable windage and elevation
– Rosewood inlay matches 1911 rosewood grips
– Instant on target acquisition
– Enhances shooting accuracy
– No gunsmithing or modification required
– Factorysighted at 50 feet with included adjustment tool
– Fits full-size 1911 pistols

Instinctive Activation for Faster Target Acquisition

The hallmark feature of Crimson Trace laser sights is instinctive activation. An integrated pressure switch activates the sight immediately when you grip your firearm in a normal firing hold. This allows for instant laser sighting as you raise your pistol up on target.

There’s no fumbling for buttons or switches. The bright green laser dot appears the instant you need it, allowing for faster sight alignment and more accurate defensive shots under stress. It’s like point and shoot accuracy with both eyes open.

Premium 5mW Green Laser for Enhanced Visibility

This Crimson Trace laser sight utilizes a premium 515-532nm green diode laser. The vibrant green beam is 3X brighter than standard red lasers, delivering the brightest beam allowed by law.

The high-visibility green laser jumps out brightly against most backgrounds, even in bright outdoor light. Easily pinpoint targets in both close quarters and longer range applications out to 50+ yards.

Securely Mounts to 1911 Trigger Guard

Constructed from durable anodized aluminum with a rosewood inlay, this laser sight securely mounts to the trigger guard of any full-size 1911 pistol without grip modifications.

The integrated pressure activation switch enables instinctive operation for fast target acquisition. Windage and elevation are fully user adjustable with the included hex wrench.

Up to 4+ Hours of Continuous Battery Life

Inside the precision CNC machined housing sits a long-life rechargeable battery powered by four included 2016 lithium batteries. This provides over four hours of continuous run time – enough for even the longest range sessions.

The auto-shutoff feature turns the laser off after 10 minutes idle to prevent accidental battery drain. Simply grip the pistol again to turn the laser back on.

Make Every Shot Count

Accuracy is crucial, especially in high-stress defensive shooting situations. The LG-901 Rosewood Master Series laser sight gives you the instant target acquisition and precision aim to effectively neutralize threats.

This premium laser will boost shooting confidence and give you the split-second edge to prevail when it matters most. Order today and be prepared to defend what you hold dear.


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