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Cycleinn Magnetic Bike Trainer Stand – Turn Any Space Into Your Own Indoor Cycling Studio


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Experience the thrill of riding outdoors from the comfort of your own home with the Cycleinn magnetic bike trainer stand. This versatile indoor bike trainer stand delivers silent, stable training and adapts to fit your unique riding needs.

Whether you’re a hardcore cyclist or casual rider, this bike trainer stand takes your workout to the next level. Transform any room into your personal cycling studio in just minutes!

Customize Your Ride with 8 Resistance Levels

The Cycleinn bike trainer stand features 8 levels of magnetic resistance so you can customize your workout intensity with ease. Shift through flat simulated roads to steep uphill climbs with the convenient handlebar-mounted resistance controller.

Dial in the perfect resistance for interval training, endurance riding, or a relaxed recovery spin. The wide range of resistances allows you to mimic outdoor riding conditions indoors. Get all the training benefits without leaving your home!

Stable, Dual-Support Design

Stability is essential for productive indoor cycling, which is why our bike trainer stand boasts a dual-support structure. The wide base and front wheel riser block create unshakable balance for wobble-free riding.

Four anti-slip rubber feet grip the floor to prevent sliding, scratches, or movement. The stable construction stands up to high-intensity cycling without shaking or rattling, giving you the solid platform needed for powerful sprints or climbs. Ride with total confidence!

Hassle-Free Mounting System

Mounting your bike securely on the Cycleinn trainer takes just seconds thanks to the quick-release clamp and dual lock knobs. Simply raise the rear wheel, tighten the knobs, and you’re ready to ride.

The quick-release clamp ensures a tight grip on the rear wheel to prevent slippage. Large lock knobs on both sides keep your bike firmly in place once tightened down. Dismounting is just as fast thanks to the quick-release.

The hassle-free setup gets you riding faster compared to trainer models requiring complicated assembly. Switch bikes in minutes with the quick on/off system.

Silent Magnetic Resistance

Say goodbye to disruptive noise and vibrations. This indoor bike trainer uses a magnetic resistance unit to generate smooth, quiet pedaling.

The silent magnetic resistance makes it easy to cycle day or night without disturbing housemates or neighbors in adjoining units. Now you can hop on your bike anytime without causing a racket.

Pair with a rear slick road bike tire to further minimize noise. The quiet operation opens up new possibilities to train early mornings or evenings at full intensity.

Fits Common Bike Wheel Sizes

Finding a bike trainer to fit your ride is frustrating. But our magnetic indoor bike trainer stand accommodates 26-28 inch wheels and 700c wheels, so compatibility isn’t an issue.

Mountain bikes with thru-axle designs aren’t suited for this particular model. However, the included adapter fits most standard road, hybrid, and flat-bar fitness bikes using quick release skewers.

Just ensure your bike uses traditional wheel axles, and it will mount securely on this versatile trainer stand. Now you can cycle indoors regardless of wheel size.

Take It Anywhere

The compact, lightweight construction makes this indoor bike trainer easy to transport. Easily fit it in your car when traveling so you can keep training on the go.

The 17.7lb frame folds down smaller for convenient storage in tight spaces when not riding. Free up floor space in your apartment by stashing it in a closet or under the bed between workouts.

Thanks to the portable, collapsible design, your training options are limitless. Use it in hotel rooms, small apartments, or take it to the office for lunch break cycling sessions.

Engineering for Ultimate Durability

We use only quality materials engineered to provide long-lasting performance. The heavy-duty steel frame withstands years of regular cycling without fatigue or failure.

The precision-balanced flywheel generates fluid, consistent resistance to give your ride natural road feel. Durable non-slip feet prevent floor damage while keeping the trainer firmly planted.

With high-performance components and sturdy construction, this indoor bike trainer delivers outstanding reliability for unlimited miles.


– Resistance levels: 8
– Max load: 265 lbs
– Noise level: Extremely quiet
– Dimensions: 23.6 x 17.7 x 6.7 inches
– Foldable: Yes
– Weight: 17.7 lbs
– Frame: Steel
– Wheel sizes accommodated: 26-28 inches, 700c
– Included: Trainer stand, riser block, quick release

Take your cycling to the next level with the Cycleinn magnetic indoor bike trainer stand. Experience silent, adaptable training in any space. Simply mount your bike, select your preferred resistance, and start riding!


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