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Do It Mold Removable Split Shot Fishing Sinkers – 1/4 to 3/8 oz


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Sink your line faster and get your bait down deep with these high quality removable split shot fishing sinkers from Do It Molds. Available in sizes from 1/4 to 3/8 oz, these split shots are the perfect way to add weight and get your rig down to where the fish are holding.

Removable for Adjustable Weight

The unique design of these split shot sinkers allows you to removably attach them to your line. Easily pinch them on or take them off as needed to achieve the exact amount of weight you want for different fishing conditions. When you need to get your bait down through heavy vegetation or in deeper waters, just add more split shots. Or reduce the weight when fishing shallower waters. The removable design gives you total control over the weight of your rig.

Durable, Reusable Construction

These split shots are constructed from durable plastic that will hold up to repeated use. The molded plastic design keeps the split shot securely closed around your fishing line, while still allowing you to easily remove and reattach as needed. No more wasting money on disposable split shots – these are built to last season after season.

The round shape allows the split shot to smoothly slip through vegetation and debris in the water. And the bright colors make it easy to keep track of your rigs and retrieve snagged gear.

Versatile Fishing Applications

This package includes an assortment of weights ranging from 1/4 to 3/8 oz to handle a variety of fishing conditions. The smaller 1/4 oz size is perfect for panfish, trout, and finesse rigs. While the heavier 3/8 oz allows you to get your bait down deeper for bass, walleye, catfish, and inshore saltwater fishing.

Removable split shots are a must-have tackle item for anglers of all skill levels. They allow beginning fishermen to easily modify rigs for different situations. While experienced tournament anglers rely on precise split shot adjustments to dial in their presentation.

Designed for Efficiency

Do It Molds focuses on creating high efficiency fishing molds and tackle. The removable split shot design allows anglers to quickly and easily adjust weight as needed. Saving time and frustration compared to crimp on split shots.

Based in Wisconsin, Do It Molds has been creating quality tackle since 1982. Their innovative designs and focus on efficiency have made them a leader in fishing gear.

Remove & Reuse All Season Long

Stop wasting money on one-time use split shots. These reusable sinkers will save you money trip after trip. Their durable construction ensures they will hold up to repeated use, while still allowing easy removal and re-attachment as needed.

For the ability to efficiently fine tune your rig’s weight and sink rate, choose the Do It Mold Removable Split Shot Sinkers. Order a pack today and be prepared to sink your line faster this fishing season.


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