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DYISLAND LD-200PLUS E-Bike Hydraulic Disc Brake Set – Superior Stopping Power and Safety for Your Electric Bike




Experience powerful, reliable braking performance with the DYISLAND LD-200PLUS hydraulic disc brake set for e-bikes. This high-quality brake system provides superior stopping power and enhanced control so you can ride with confidence on any terrain.

Thickened Rotors and Durable Brake Pads for Strong, Consistent Braking

At the heart of this brake set are two robust 180mm stainless steel rotors with an extra-thick 2.3mm design that dissipates heat efficiently during prolonged braking. This helps prevent brake fade and loss of stopping power on long descents.

The rotors work in tandem with top-grade sintered metal brake pads that provide the ideal friction coefficient and longevity. Measuring 34.7 x 20 x 5mm, these heavy-duty pads grip the rotor securely for powerful deceleration with every pull of the lever. The larger surface area also contributes to smoother, more consistent braking.

Precision Hydraulic Actuation for Superior Brake Feel and Modulation

HYISLAND LD-200PLUS uses a sealed hydraulic actuation system which offers significant advantages over mechanical brakes. Hydraulics provide more power with less effort, delivering strong braking force with just a light pull of the lever. This gives you exceptional control and allows subtle adjustments to braking intensity.

The dual-piston calipers tightly clamp the rotors while mineral oil transmits pressure through the system. This results in a firm, highly responsive brake feel along with the modulation needed for precise speed control in all riding conditions.

Electric Induction Control for Added Safety

An innovative electric induction control system works in conjunction with the e-bike motor to cut power when the brakes are applied. This fail-safe feature ensures motor power is disengaged during deceleration for safer speed regulation.

The induction control uses a detachable sensor that triggers the power cutoff when braking is detected. With a 300mm cable and waterproof 2-pin connector, it can be easily incorporated into your e-bike’s electrical system.

Complete Set for Front and Rear Brakes

The DYISLAND LD-200PLUS brake set comes with everything needed to outfit the front and rear wheels of your e-bike.

– 2 hydraulic brake levers with motor cutoff switch
– 2 hydraulic caliper brakes
– 2 180mm x 2.3mm brake rotors
– Brake pads, adapters, mounting hardware
– Mineral oil and bleed kit
– Hose cutter and tools

With differentiated 1000mm and 1850mm brake hose lengths, the system is pre-filled and ready to install right out of the box.

High-Strength CNC Machined Components

This brake system utilizes robust CNC machined aluminum alloy components for reduced weight and superior durability. The stylish black anodized levers feature a comfortable three-finger iron handle design. Meanwhile, the sleek calipers deliver high clamping force thanks to dual aluminum pistons.

Ride With Confidence and Control

Upgrade your e-bike with the power and performance of DYISLAND LD-200PLUS hydraulic disc brakes. With these top-tier brakes giving you unmatched stopping power, you can fully enjoy thrilling rides knowing you’re in complete control. Order now and experience next-level braking.


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