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ERHAOG Disposable Face Towel – Travel Towel 16 X 10 in – 22 PCS Compressed Towel Tablets & Camping Towel – Coin Tissues Expands in Water – Magic Washcloths Candy Package for Kitchen Hiking Sport


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Tired of flimsy paper towels that tear easily and leave bits of paper behind? Want a more eco-friendly and reusable option for cleaning and drying your face and hands? Look no further than the ERHAOG Disposable Face Towel!

This innovative product combines the convenience of a disposable towel with the softness and durability of cloth. Each towel tablet is individually wrapped for easy portability and storage. At just 2.8 x 1.6 inches, these compact towels fit effortlessly into purse, backpack, gym bag or suitcase.

To use, simply add water and watch the magic happen! The compressed tablet instantly expands into a full-size 16 x 10 inch washcloth. The soft, 100% pure cotton towel is perfect for wiping hands and faces, cleaning messes, and more. Use it for a quick refresh at the office, gym, or on the go.

After use, these genius towels can be washed, reused and recompressed for next time. No more wasting paper towels or dealing with the hassle of carrying a bulky towel. The ERHAOG Disposable Face Towel offers convenience without creating extra waste.

Why Choose the ERHAOG Disposable Face Towel?

Eco-Friendly and Reusable

Don’t throw it away after one use! This towel can be washed, reused and recompressed again and again. Far better for the environment than using endless paper towels.

Space Saving Design

The compressed tablet shape makes these towels ultra lightweight and space saving. Easily stash them in your bag or backpack without taking up room.

Individually Wrapped

Each tablet comes neatly wrapped so you can take just what you need. Perfect for on-the-go use.

Soft 100% Cotton

Made of pure cotton, these towels are soft yet durable. They won’t shred or disintegrate like low-quality paper towels.

Just Add Water

No special preparation needed! Simply get the towel wet to activate the expanding action.

Multipurpose Use

From wiping hands and faces to cleaning spills, these towels are a multipurpose must-have.

When to Use the ERHAOG Disposable Towel

This innovative towel has endless applications! Here are just a few ideas:

Travel and Outdoors

The compressed size is perfect for airplane carry-ons, backpacks, gym bags and more. Instantly refresh without needing a sink. Ideal for camping trips, hikes, the beach and other outdoor activities.

At the Office

Keep a few tablets stashed in your desk to wipe up spills or refresh during the day. Better than making endless trips to the bathroom for paper towels.

For Kids

Toss a couple towels in your kid’s backpack or diaper bag. Great for wiping sticky hands and faces on the go.

In the Car

Wash up after a road trip or long drive without needing to stop at a rest area. Keep a pack in the glove box or console.

At the Gym

Freshen up after a workout or yoga class. These towels take up less space than a regular gym towel.

In the Bathroom

Reduce waste by using these towels for hand and face drying instead of paper towels.

For Camping and Hiking

Ultra lightweight and space-saving. Carry these towels for wilderness washups and cleaning.

In the Kitchen

Quickly wipe up spills and messes without the waste of paper towels. Wash and reuse.

How to Use the ERHAOG Disposable Face Towel

Using this ingenious product couldn’t be simpler! Just follow these easy steps:

1. Take a compressed tablet from the package. Peel off the individual wrapper.

2. Run the towel under water or soak it in a bowl until fully wet.

3. Watch in amazement as the tablet expands into a full-size 16 x 10 inch cotton towel.

4. Use the soft, durable towel to wash hands and face, wipe up spills or messes, clean surfaces and more. It won’t shred or disintegrate like paper towels!

5. After use, rinse out any dirt or debris. These towels can be washed just like regular towels – in the sink, washing machine or dishwasher.

6. Allow to fully air dry so it compresses back into a tablet.

7. Pop the clean, compressed towel back into its wrapper and into the package. It’s ready to use again and again!

With the ERHAOG Disposable Face Towel, you’ll always have a soft, absorbent and eco-friendly towel on hand wherever you go. Reduce waste while enjoying the same versatility and cleaning power as a regular towel.

Buy the ERHAOG Disposable Face Towel for Endless Uses

Ditch flimsy paper towels and cut back on waste! With its smart compressed design and reusable functionality, this towel is revolutionizing portable cleaning and hygiene. Order the ERHAOG Disposable Face Towel today to enjoy durable, eco-friendly cleanliness wherever you go.


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