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Eskimo Pistol Bit 8 in. Ice Auger Bit with Dual Flat Blades and Centering Point – Designed for High Performance Ice Fishing


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Stay on top of the bite and drill with speed using the Eskimo Pistol Bit 8 in. Ice Auger. This innovative auger bit features a unique centered point design to keep the bit drilling straight and true through the ice for quick and efficient holes. The hexagonal aluminum inner stem provides superior power transfer from your high torque cordless drill for smooth cutting, while the polymer cutting head withstands brutal impacts in the ice. Dual flat steel blades aggressively slice through ice and feature a replaceable design to refresh cutting performance.

Centered Point Design for Straight, Accurate Cuts

The Eskimo Pistol Bit stands apart with its unique centered point tip. This tip feature helps center and stabilize the auger bit as you punch through the ice surface and power down into solid depths. The result is straight vertical cuts for perfectly aligned holes. No more fighting a wandering bit or crooked holes. Just quick drops with centered accuracy.

Hexagonal Aluminum Stem for Efficient Power Transfer

An efficient ice auger bit starts with smart inner workings. The Pistol Bit features a hexagonal aluminum stem that seamlessly transfers torque and RPMs from your cordless drill down to the cutter head. The hexagonal design prevents slipping within the drill chuck for a direct discharge of power that doesn’t taper off or lose efficiency. Even at greater depths you’ll maintain the same fierce cutting speed to power through the thickest ice with ease.

Aggressive Dual Flat Blades Cut Through Ice

Equipped with two flat steel blades, the Pistol Bit auger chews through ice with an aggressive bite. The flat blade design helps lift ice chips for smooth, unclogged cutting. And since the blades are made of durable steel, their sharpness holds up over time and high-use scenarios. Should the teeth ever dull, the blades can be easily replaced to restore cutting performance.

Protective Polymer Cutting Head for Durability

Surrounding the steel blades, the cutting head on the Eskimo Pistol Bit features a nearly indestructible polymer design built to withstand repeated hard impacts into ice without cracking or failing. Even as temperatures drop well below zero, the polymer retains flexibility to absorb blows instead of becoming rigid and brittle. Season after season this ice auger retains its structure for reliable cuts and lasting performance.

Top Plate Prevents Losing Drill Down the Hole

Nothing’s worse than drilling through the ice only to watch your bit and drill disappear down the dark abyss. The Eskimo Pistol Bit includes a handy polymer top plate that sits flush on the ice around the auger diameter to prevent this nightmare scenario. It provides peace of mind that your gear won’t accidentally slide down the fishing hole.

Lightweight Yet Tough Polymer Flighting

The wrapped polymer flighting on the Pistol Bit ice auger serves multiple benefits. First, it keeps the auger lightweight so your arms don’t fatigue as quickly during long days on the frozen water. It also stands up to cold temperatures without becoming brittle. Even in sub-zero conditions, the flighting retains enough flexion to prevent cracking on high-impact blows.

Cordless High Torque Drill Required

While this auger bit supplies the cutting power, serious ice requires an equally equipped cordless drill. For optimal performance, Eskimo recommends using the Pistol Bit with a high torque 18V+ brushless drill capable of over 700 in-lbs and a 1/2″ chuck. This prevents bogging and ensures efficient transfer of power from drill to auger. With the right drill, you’ll slice through thick ice with incredible speed.

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: 8 inch diameter x 17 inches long
  • Centering point for straight, true cuts
  • Aluminum hexagonal inner stem
  • Polymer cutting head with steel blades
  • Replaceable blades
  • Protective top plate included
  • Wrapped polymer flighting
  • 1/2″ chuck size
  • Requires 18V+ brushless drill with 700+ in-lbs torque

Ideal Uses:

  • Ice fishing
  • Cutting fishing holes through thick ice
  • Powering through ice with cordless drill setup
  • Quick and efficient hole boring
  • Fishing for crappie, trout, walleye, perch, pike, and more

Pair the Eskimo Pistol Bit with an Eskimo Ice Fishing Shelter for Complete Setup

Bring along an Eskimo ice fishing shelter like the Eskimo QuickFish 3 pop-up hub style shelter or the Eskimo FatFish pop-up tent shelter. Get out of the elements and fish in comfort all day long with ample room for you and your gear.

Don’t waste time chopping by hand or let a low-grade auger slow you down. Equip with the Eskimo Pistol Bit Ice Auger Bit to cut through ice like a hot knife through butter! Just mount this quick cutting auger bit to your high power cordless drill and let the ice drilling begin.


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