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EVER ADVANCED 360° Silent Swivel Hunting Chair for Blinds – Adjustable Folding Hunting Seats for Outdoor Activities like Fishing – Supports 300lbs


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Experience the Thrill of the Hunt in Complete Comfort with the EVER ADVANCED 360° Silent Swivel Hunting Chair. Engineered for hunters who demand both performance and comfort from their equipment.

This adjustable height hunting chair provides the perfect seated position to spot your prey and take the perfect shot when the big moment arrives. The oversized padded seat and armrests offer superior comfort so you can remain focused and alert for hours on end without fatigue. The sturdy powder coated steel frame provides rock-solid stability on any terrain.

360° Silent Rotation For Stealthy Targeting

The standout feature is the chair’s silent 360 degree swivel that allows you to turn smoothly and quietly in any direction. Two robust ball bearings on the base provide fluid motion so you can track your target without making a sound.

When hunting, silence is the key to success. Any little noise can startle your prey and ruin your hunt. With the EVER ADVANCED Hunting Chair, you get the maneuverability you need for targeting while maintaining absolute stealth. Deer and other wildlife will never know you are there.

Designed to Adapt to All Terrain

From marsh to hills to forests, mother nature presents challenges for every hunter. That’s why this adjustable hunting blind chair is engineered for versatility and stability on all types of rugged terrain.

The strong powder coated steel frame includes four independently adjustable legs, each with non-slip rubber feet. Customize the height of each leg to create a level seating position on any surface.

The oversized feet grip the ground firmly to prevent sinking into mud or dirt. Hunt in comfort from wetlands to hillsides and everywhere in between.

Customizable Seat Height For the Perfect Shot

The ideal shooting position is a personal thing for every hunter. Being too high or too low will throw off your accuracy. With this blind hunting chair, you can easily customize the seat height with the push of a button on each leg.

Lower the seat for a relaxed position to spot approaching game. Then subtly raise your vantage point when you’re ready to lock in your crosshairs and take the shot.

Dialing in the right adjustments takes the guesswork out of getting your weapon properly aligned with the target. Your odds of bagging that trophy catch improve dramatically.

Premium Thick Padding For All-Day Comfort

A successful hunt requires patience, often for hours on end. You need a place to sit that keeps you alert yet free from discomfort.

The EVER ADVANCED Hunting Chair is engineered for maximum comfort with high density foam padding on both the seat and wraparound armrests.

The padded backrest supports your posture so you avoid soreness or stiffness even during marathon hunting sessions. Circulation remains free and unrestricted thanks to the ergonomic design.

The generous proportions comfortably accommodate hunters of all shapes and sizes. Enjoy your time outdoors without distractions from an inadequate seat.

Easy Transport & Storage

Heading out to your favorite hunting spot is easy with this portable chair. It folds down quickly into a compact size.

The entire frame collapses inward, allowing it to be stowed in an included shoulder bag for convenient carrying. Just sling it over your shoulder and head to your desired location.

Four convenient grab handles allow for easy lifting in and out of trucks, ATVs or boats. Once on site, the chair assembles quickly with snap buttons to lock the legs securely in place.

When your expedition is over, the chair folds back down for space-saving storage. Stash it away neatly in a corner of the garage or closet until your next adventure.

Built Strong for Years of Reliable Use

Constructed from thick powder coated steel tubing, this hunting chair is made to withstand years of rugged use. The durable textured finish prevents rust, chips and scratches.

Expertly engineered and rigorously tested to support up to 300 pounds, this seat gives you the confidence of siting on a sturdy base. The quality components and solid construction will provide reliable performance season after season.

Backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, EVER ADVANCED stands behind the superior craftsmanship of this hunting chair. Enjoy many future expeditions in complete comfort and confidence.

Order Today and Enjoy First-Class Comfort in the Field

The EVER ADVANCED 360° Silent Swivel Hunting Chair takes your hunting experience to the next level. Gain an edge over your prey with silent maneuverability. Dial in the perfect seated position customized for your needs.

Experience unmatched comfort to remain alert and focused for long durations. All built upon a rock-solid yet adaptable platform engineered specifically for rugged outdoor use.

Order now and enjoy first-class comfort on your next hunting trip!


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