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Experience Freedom and Adventure with the SOHAMO Electric Bicycle


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Take your cycling experience to new heights with the SOHAMO Electric Bicycle. This powerful e-bike allows you to ride faster, farther, and with less effort than a traditional bike. The high-performance 1000W brushless motor can reach speeds up to 28 mph to conquer steep hills and variable terrain with ease. Accelerate smoothly and feel like you’re flying as you cruise down the open road.

High-Capacity 48V Lithium Battery for All-Day Riding

The removable 48V 20AH lithium battery provides abundant power for lengthy rides. Weighing only 15 lbs, it conveniently slides out from under the seat for simple charging anywhere. A single charge delivers an impressive electric range up to 30 miles. Ride for hours and explore new destinations without worrying about running out of juice. The long-lasting battery life and astounding power equip you for impromptu adventures or lengthy journeys.

Advanced Shock Absorption and Disc Brakes for Safety

Ride in total confidence with enhanced safety features. Dual shock absorbers smooth out bumps and jolts, providing exceptional comfort over rugged roads. The adjustable front shock absorber locks to suit your preference. Reliable disc brakes deliver premium stopping power in any conditions for your protection. Integrated lights improve visibility to other vehicles and pedestrians.

Cushioned Seat Reduces Fatigue on Long Rides

Pedal in plush comfort with the extra thick, high-density foam seat. Exceptional cushioning prevents discomfort and pain, even on extended outings. The seat’s soft yet firm padding alleviates pressure on the hips to keep you riding in comfort for miles. Enjoy the open road without constantly shifting or taking breaks. Just sit back and take in the views.

Lightweight Foldable Frame for Portable Convenience

The ingeniously designed aluminum alloy frame folds down quickly for compact storage and transport. Weighing just 55 lbs, this e-bike can be folded in three places to easily fit in a car trunk, store in an apartment, or take on public transportation. Unfolding and locking it back into place takes seconds. With exceptional portability, take this electric bicycle anywhere for convenient commuting, recreation, exercise, and adventure.

Customer-Focused After-Sales Support

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we offer responsive customer service and technical support straight from our US-based warehouse. Our experts are ready to answer any questions and resolve issues promptly. We want to ensure you have an outstanding experience with your new electric bike for years to come. Enjoy industry-leading help from a company that puts customers first.

The SOHAMO Electric Bicycle combines incredible power, extended range, and remarkable portability. Conquer steep hills, ride for miles, and bring it anywhere with this feature-packed e-bike. Order now to experience unparalleled freedom and adventure on two wheels!


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