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Film Your Hunt in Stunning Clarity with the Painted Arrow MAG-PRO Plus Compound Bow Magnetic Smart Phone Mount




Relive every thrilling moment of the hunt and recover more game with the Painted Arrow MAG-PRO Plus Compound Bow Magnetic Smart Phone Mount. This innovative bowhunting accessory allows you to securely attach your smartphone to your compound bow, crossbow, or archery equipment for easy, shake-free filming.

Whether you’re a hardcore bowhunter looking to capture your successful whitetail or turkey hunt on video, or an archer who wants to record your target practice sessions, the MAG-PRO Plus has you covered. This rugged and reliable bow phone mount is made in the USA from heavy-duty 14GA carbon steel with a dual layer powder coat finish to withstand years of hunting use.

Record Steady, Vibration-Free Hunting Footage

Shaky, blurry video can ruin the playback of your hunt. That’s why the Painted Arrow phone mount for bow hunting features a sturdy stabilizer design to minimize vibrations for clearer smartphone recordings. The mount secures firmly onto your bow’s stabilizer threads, acting as a counterbalance weight for added stability.

An integrated universal adapter with strong neodymium magnets ensures your phone locks into place and stays put. Whether you’re drawing back or tracking your shot through thick brush, you’ll capture ultra-smooth, professional-quality HD footage with the MAG-PRO Plus compound bow phone mount.

Designed for All Standard Compound Bows and Crossbows

The Painted Arrow bow phone mount is engineered to be universally compatible with all compound bow brands and styles equipped with standard 5/16″ stabilizer threads. It also easily attaches to most crossbows, recurve bows, and archery gear with stabilizer bushings.

Thanks to its lightweight 4.2 oz. design, the phone holder adds minimal weight to your setup for comfortable, balanced shooting. At just 5 inches long, it provides an optimal viewing angle without getting in the way of your form.

Rugged & Reliable Construction

This compound bow smartphone mount is proudly made in the USA and built to handle years of hunting. The carbon steel body and industrial powder coat finish stand up to outdoor elements including rain, snow, mud and more.

The strong neodymium magnet keeps your phone locked tight to the mount even when trekking through thick brush after the perfect shot. Rubberized grips provide extra security so your phone stays in place videoing the action.

Designed by Bowhunters for Bowhunters

The MAG-PRO Plus bow phone mount was created by avid bowhunters who were unsatisfied with unstable, unreliable mounts on the market. After years of field testing and design refinements, Painted Arrow engineered the perfect smartphone holder for bow hunting.

It allows you to easily film hunts from setup to recovery while keeping your hands free to draw and shoot. Whether you’re a tournament archer or backyard bowman, it makes recording sessions more convenient.

Key Features:

  • Draw Weights 65 lbs + – Rugged build for heavy draw compound bows
  • Fits Standard 5/16″ Stabilizer Threads – Universal for most compound bow brands
  • 14 GA Carbon Steel Construction – Heavy-duty strength and durability
  • Dual Layer Powder Coat – Protective finish resists wear
  • Neodymium Magnets – Strong grip keeps phones locked in place
  • Rubberized Grip Pads – Extra security and vibration dampening
  • 4.2 oz. Lightweight Design – Adds minimal weight for shooting comfort
  • 4.5″ x 4.1″ x 5″ Dimensions – Provides optimal viewing angle
  • Made in USA – Premium quality hunting gear

Shoot Like the Pros

Now you can shoot like the pros and have video proof of your hunting success. The Painted Arrow MAG-PRO Plus compound bow smartphone mount helps you recreate your memorable hunts through vivid first-person footage.

Stalk a mature buck, set up your treestand ambush, draw silently, and capture the moment of a perfect shot – all hands-free with reliable support. When it’s time to relive the hunt, enjoy stunning video instead of shaky out-of-focus clips.

Superior Design from an American Company

Painted Arrow provides hunters with smartly designed, field-tested accessories to enrich the hunting experience. We’re bowhunters based in New York state with a passion for whitetail deer and wild turkey hunting. The MAG-PRO Plus mount was conceived during countless days afield.

When you buy Painted Arrow gear, you support American manufacturing jobs and American hunting heritage. We proudly design, patent, manufacture, and ship our innovative products from the USA.

Customer Reviews

“I was missing a lot of cool bow hunting action trying to juggle my phone while shooting. The MAG-PRO Plus mount made filming hunts so easy and straightforward. It’s perfect for recording my form at the range too. The video is super steady even at full draw.”

– Chase H., Iowa Hunter

“Awesome mount! I shot my first turkey hunt with it and got great footage of finding the flock, setting up, calling them in, and taking the shot. It’s so easy to attach, holds my phone tight, and balances nicely. 5 stars for sure!”

– Brian P., Wisconsin Outdoorsman

Enrich Your Hunting Experiences

Relive your most exciting bow hunts with brilliant clarity using the Painted Arrow MAG-PRO Plus compound bow magnetic phone mount. Film your successful stalks, target practice, and so much more with convenient hands-free footage.

Pick up this American-made smartphone holder to take your archery game to the next level. It makes capturing breathtaking hunting videos easier than ever.


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