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FishYuan Quick Loop Tie Down Straps – Secure Your Kayak or Canoe to Your Vehicle in Seconds


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Transporting your kayak or canoe doesn’t have to be a hassle with the FishYuan Quick Loop tie down straps. These innovative 12.5 inch straps provide a fast, easy way to securely anchor your watercraft to your vehicle without the need for permanent mounting hardware.

The versatility of the FishYuan Quick Loops allows you to safely transport your kayak, canoe, paddleboard, or other recreational watercraft on nearly any vehicle – even ones without designated mounting points or racks. Simply open the hood or trunk, place the loop end out, then close it again. The pressure from the hood or trunk keeps the loop firmly in place, creating an instant anchor point. Use with ropes or straps (sold separately) to tie down the bow and stern of your boat.

Fast, Easy Transportation for All Watercraft

The FishYuan Quick Loop straps work great for securing kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, surfboards, or any other small recreational watercraft to your vehicle. The 12.5 inch length is perfect for fitting in most car hoods and trunks.

Just place two loops near the front of your vehicle and two near the rear. Hook your ropes or straps through the loops, over your kayak, and secure them to the bumper or chassis of your vehicle. The anchored loops keep constant pressure and tension on the tie downs, preventing your boat from sliding or shifting during transport.

With the Quick Loops, you can be ready to hit the water in seconds. No more struggling with cumbersome straps over your vehicle or relying on improvised anchor points. The simple yet effective design ensures your boat stays put on the way to the lake, river, or ocean.

Designed for Safety and Security

The FishYuan Quick Loop straps hold fast under pressure, keeping your watercraft stable and secure during transport. The loops are made from durable nylon webbing with reinforced stitching at the seams. This construction gives them the strength to handle the forces exerted when properly tied down.

The flat design and rounded edges of the Quick Loop won’t scratch or damage your vehicle’s paint job. The nylon webbing protects your car’s finish while also providing a non-slip surface to prevent the loops from sliding out of place.

Peace of mind comes standard with the FishYuan Quick Loop straps. Simply cinch them down tight and the constant tension applied by the hood or trunk does the rest – no knots required. Your gear will arrive safe and sound, transit after transit.

Universal Solution for Any Vehicle

With most vehicles lacking designated kayak mounting options, the FishYuan Quick Loop straps provide a universal solution. Their simplicity allows them to work on cars, trucks, SUVs, and more.

Standard roof racks often can’t handle long kayaks or canoes. Plus, lifting them overhead brings the risk of injury. Avoid the struggle by simply popping your Quick Loops into place and tying down to your bumper or hitch.

The loops can also be used on vehicles with racks and mounting points. Weave ropes through the loops for redundancy or use them to fine tune positioning. Their versatility enables quick customization for your specific watercraft and vehicle.

Certain states prohibit extended loads beyond the vehicle’s perimeter. The FishYuan Quick Loop’s in-hull design keeps your entire rig inside the width of your car, protecting legality and safety.

Designed for Simplicity

Here’s all it takes to secure your paddle craft with the FishYuan Quick Loop straps:

Step 1) Open your vehicle’s hood or trunk.

Step 2) Place two Quick Loop straps near the front of the hood/trunk opening and two near the rear. Orient the loop ends sticking out.

Step 3) Close the hood or trunk, allowing pressure to hold the loops in place.

Step 4) Attach your rope or tie down straps through the anchored loops and over your kayak or canoe.

Step 5) Tie off the ends of the straps or ropes securely to the bumper or chassis.

That’s it! Your watercraft can now be transported safely and securely without hassle or complication. With practice, you’ll be able to load up in under a minute.

Buy with Confidence

FishYuan stands behind the quality of our Quick Loop straps. That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, simply return them for a full refund or replacement set.

We also provide a 12 month replacement warranty should you encounter any product defects. Our helpful customer support is ready to address any issues to ensure you have a positive experience.

With over a decade of experience serving outdoor adventurers, we understand the importance of reliable, durable gear. Our Quick Loop straps pass rigorous testing for strength and durability. We use only quality materials designed to last season after season.

Join thousands of satisfied paddlers who rely on FishYuan to transport their kayaks and canoes with confidence. Our Quick Loop straps provide fast, easy, and secure transport every time.

Order today and be ready to hit the water in seconds the next time you load up!


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