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FortKnight Optics 308 Premium Shooting Glasses – Unmatched Clarity & Protection




Experience ultimate shooting precision and safety with the FortKnight Optics 308 premium ballistic glasses. Engineered with advanced ZEISS lens technology and a durable lightweight frame, these tactical glasses are perfect for hunters, competitive shooters, and tactical operators. The 308 provides unparalleled optical clarity and protection to make every shot count.

Lenses by ZEISS for Extreme Clarity & Contrast

The 308 features high performance lenses exclusively designed by ZEISS, a world leader in optics. Utilizing advanced light polarization, these lenses dramatically reduce glare and haze. Your vision will be crystal clear with up to 80% higher contrast so you can see and acquire targets with greater speed and accuracy.

LightPro Lens Technology Optimized for Any Conditions

ZEISS LightPro lens technology equips the 308 glasses for ultimate versatility. An advanced anti-reflective coating on the lenses maximizes light transmission while minimizing reflections. You’ll have clearer sight picture in bright light or lower light conditions. The lenses also utilize color neutral transmission so colors are true and undistorted.

Zero Distortion for Precision Shooting

With ZEISS lenses, the 308 glasses completely eliminate image distortion. When you look through your scope or sights, the target image will be completely sharp with no fish eye effect or aberrations. This enables you to precisely range targets and place shots for hunting, competitive shooting, and tactical applications.

Glare Eliminating Polarized Lenses

The polarized ZEISS lenses drastically cut glare from water, snow, glass, and other surfaces. By filtering out harsh reflected light, they improve visual acuity to keep your eyes comfortable and allow you to maintain optimal focus. The polarization also enhances target details.

Protection Beyond Ballistic Standards

The polycarbonate lenses exceed ANSI Z87.1 ballistic impact standards for safety glasses. They effectively shield your eyes from debris, chemical splashes, BB’s, clay target fragments, and other dangerous projectiles. The wrap-around lens shape and temples offer protection from side and peripheral hazards.

Fog Eliminating Design

An anti-fog lens coating prevents moisture condensation so your vision stays clear. Deep side vents channel airflow to eliminate fogging from perspiration or humidity. The snug comfortable fit also prevents light leakage that could cause fogging.

Comfortable Frame for All Day Wear

The frame is constructed from durable yet flexible FortKnight polymer for a lightweight feel. Soft rubber nose pads allow a customized non-slip fit. Adjustable non-slip temples keep the glasses in place during vigorous activity. The low profile streamlined design moves with you while minimizing any side vision obstruction.

Versatile Eyewear On and Off the Range

With advanced lens technology and rugged construction, the 308 excels as tactical eyewear for military, law enforcement, shooting sports, and hunting. The stylish frame and lens tints also make them suitable for casual everyday wear while driving, fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities.

Experience a new level of optical performance and protection with the FortKnight Optics 308. The perfect shooting glasses for anyone who demands peak sharpness, contrast, and undistorted vision to take their skills to the next level. Order now to get ZEISS clarity designed for the tactical world.


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