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Frabill 9865 Lure Retriever – Telescoping Pole for Retrieving Snagged Lures and Gear


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Retrieve Lost Lures and Tackle with Ease

Losing a favorite lure or expensive tackle is never fun. But fishing in trees, docks, and structure means snags are inevitable. Fortunately, the Frabill 9865 Lure Retriever is here to save the day!

This telescoping retriever pole extends up to 15 feet, letting you easily dislodge snagged lures from overhead branches, beneath docks, and in frustrating structure. The strong yet lightweight aluminum handle reaches where you can’t, saving you money and preserving your prized lures.

Secure Cam-Lok Handle Extension

The 9865 Lure Retriever features Frabill’s Cam-Lok system to securely lock the pole at your desired length. Just twist the cam levers and telescope the three-section aluminum handle to the perfect length needed to reach stuck lures. The Cam-Lok system prevents accidental retraction as you work to free your tackle.

Once extended, maneuver the flexible G-frame tip to slide over and capture fishing line. Give a steady pull to dislodge lures and break free. The G-frame protects line from getting tangled or cut.

Pro-Grade Construction

This dedicated lure retriever is constructed from lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum tubing designed for strength and durability when retrieving snagged gear. The soft EVAgrips provide a comfortable, slip-free grip when operating the pole.

At just over 2 pounds, the Frabill 9865 is easy to stow onboard your boat, in your truck, or carry along shorelines until needed. It breaks down to 62 inches, so you can bring it anywhere the fish are waiting.

Trusted Frabill Quality

For over 80 years, Frabill has designed innovative fishing gear that performs when it matters most. Frabill’s commitment to quality means each product is rigorously field-tested by expert anglers before ever hitting the shelves.

The 9865 Lure Retriever upholds Frabill’s reputation for premium construction and reliability. Whether you’re fishing rivers, lakes, inshore or offshore, keep this retriever handy for bailing out your expensive lures and tackle.

Customer Reviews

“This thing is awesome! I bought it after losing about $50 worth of brand new jerkbaits. Now I can get most of my snagged baits back with some patience and this pole. It’s very study and extends smoothly.”

“I do a lot of kayak fishing and this lure retriever has already paid for itself 10 times over in saving my stuck lures. It packs down nicely and seems very durable. The cam locks work great for getting a secure hold at any length.”

“This has saved me a ton of money already. I fish under a lot of docks and trees where snags happen constantly. Rather than re-tie I can often retrieve my original lure and keep fishing. Certainly worth the price!”

Protect Your Investment

Between lures, line, rods and tackle, every angler has a lot of money invested in their gear. Losing lures day after day adds up fast. For a relatively small investment, the Frabill 9865 Lure Retriever will more than pay for itself in preserved lures and continued fishing time when snags strike.

Never Leave Shore Without It

Don’t waste another minute helplessly watching your favorite lures hang up out of reach. Bring the Frabill 9865 Lure Retriever along on every fishing trip and you’ll have the reach needed to rescue snagged tackle, no matter where you’re fishing.

Order today and stop re-tying and re-rigging every time you snag up. You’ll save money, time and frustration next time your lure gets lodged out of reach.


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