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Frienda 2 Pieces Safety Travel Flag for Kayak Canoe Red Warning Flag with Webbing for Kayak SUP Towing Canoes Truck Safety Accessories Kit


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Stay Visible and Safe on the Water with the Frienda 2 Piece Kayak Canoe Safety Flag Set

Spending time kayaking, canoeing, or stand up paddle boarding is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. But when you’re out on the open water in a small vessel, it’s critical that other boats can see you to avoid collisions. That’s why using a highly visible kayak canoe safety flag is a must for your outings.

The Frienda 2 piece kayak canoe safety flag set is the ideal way to improve your visibility and safety on the water. Here’s a closer look at what makes these flags such a great choice:

Maximum Visibility Bright Red Fabric

The bright red fabric of the Frienda kayak flags makes them easy to spot from long distances. Red is universally recognized as a warning/hazard color, so it will quickly catch other boaters’ attention. The flags measure 12 x 16 inches for optimum visibility from all angles.

The flags also feature reflective striping to make them even more noticeable, especially in low light conditions like early morning or evening. You’ll stand out like a beacon with these high vis flags!

Durable, Heavy Duty Oxford Fabric

Though lightweight, these warning flags are constructed from heavy duty Oxford fabric. This material is waterproof, tear resistant, and colorfast. It can withstand getting wet, windy conditions, and general wear and tear during transport.

The durable fabric means your Frienda kayak flags will last season after season. You don’t have to worry about the colors fading or the flags becoming tattered after regular use.

Secure Webbing for Versatile Attachment

Each safety flag kit comes with a 6 foot section of strong webbing. This webbing allows you to securely attach the flags to your kayak, canoe, paddle board, or other marine craft.

The versatility of the webbing makes the flags easy to install on almost any vessel. You can tie them directly to your kayak or use a carabiner to clip the flag to rails or ropes. They’re easy to take on and off whenever needed.

Compact Storage When Not in Use

When you’re done paddling for the day, the Frienda warning flags fold up into an integrated storage pocket on each flag. Just tuck them away out of sight until your next trip.

The compact folded size takes up hardly any space in your gear bag, boat hatch, or vehicle. You can easily pack them along “just in case” without them taking up much room.

Use Them for More Than Just Kayaking

In addition to kayak and canoe use, these highly visible flags have many other great applications:

– Tow a dinghy or raft behind your power boat
– Attach them to a bicycle, mobility scooter, or wheelchair for road safety
– Improve visibility when towing boats, jet skis, etc. behind a vehicle
– Mark the location of swimming areas
– Safety flag for kite tubes, wakeboards, kneeboards, and other towable gear
– Hanging horizontally or vertically to mark objects and locations

With endless uses on and off the water, these flags are a versatile investment in safety. They make great accessories for kayak and canoe enthusiasts as well as anyone who tows anything behind a vehicle.


Material: Heavy duty Oxford fabric
Color: Red with reflective striping

Size: 12 x 16 inches each flag
Set includes: 2 safety flags and 6 foot webbing
Storage: Integrated pocket on each flag

Improve Your Visibility for Safer Paddling

Don’t take chances with your safety on the water. Make sure other vessels can see you clearly with the highly visible Frienda kayak canoe safety flags. The bright colors and durable construction are perfect for optimal visibility without failing.

Order this must-have set today so you can paddle and float stress-free knowing other boats are aware of your presence. The Frienda flags are a small investment that could prevent accidents and save lives.


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