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Garmin Striker Plus 4 Fish Finder with Dual-Beam Transducer


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Experience Unparalleled Clarity Underwater with the Garmin Striker Plus 4 Fish Finder

Fishing is all about finding where the big ones are hiding. The problem is fish aren’t always jumping out of the water to show you where they are. That’s where the Garmin Striker Plus 4 fish finder comes in. With its dual-beam transducer and CHIRP sonar technology, this fish finder provides remarkably clear scanning to show you exactly what’s below the boat so you can locate fish with pinpoint accuracy.

While traditional fish finders transmit at a set frequency, CHIRP sonar sends a continuous sweep of frequencies ranging from low to high, allowing it to create crisp, high-resolution images of the underwater world. The Garmin Striker Plus 4 interprets these frequencies to clearly identify targets including baitfish and gamefish as small as one inch. CHIRP provides amazingly detailed imagery of not only the fish themselves, but also the structure they relate to such as vegetation, bottom hardness, or wrecks and docks.

In addition to CHIRP, the included dual-beam transducer has both 77/200 kHz traditional sonar beams as well as Garmin’s ClearVü scanning sonar, which provides photo-like views of fish, structure and bottom contours in near-photographic detail. The 200 kHz traditional beam gives you a conical view beneath your boat out to moderate depths, while the ClearVü scans at a higher frequency of 455/800 kHz out to deeper depths on either side with razor-sharp detail. Using both together allows you to get a complete overview of what’s below.

The bright, 4.3” color display on the Striker Plus 4 is easy to see even under direct sunlight. It has an intuitive user interface allowing you to quickly access all the fish finder’s functions. The keypad provides dedicated buttons that let you bring up displays for waypoints, pan and zoom the sonar views, and more. The display is also bonded so there are no MORE spaces where water can seep in.

Built Tough for Fishing Anywhere
Rugged and waterproof, the Striker Plus 4 is designed for saltwater or freshwater fishing in even the harshest marine environments. The rugged plastic casing and sealing withstands rain, splashes and spray, while the hydrophobic display coating causes water to bead up and run off the screen. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel threaded mounts allow you to install the fish finder on most boats.

The Striker Plus 4 floats in water, so you don’t have to worry about losing it overboard. It even meets IEC 60529 IPX7 standards for water submersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. When it comes to builtin toughness, the Striker Plus 4 delivers.

Quickly Create and Store Custom Fishing Maps
Ever pulled up to a promising fishing spot only to find the available marine chart doesn’t provide enough detail of the bottom contours and depths to fish it effectively? With the Striker Plus 4’s Quickdraw Contours mapping software, you can create your own high-resolution fishing maps on the fly. Quickdraw lets you instantly map bottom contours, structure, and vegetation as you boat around a lake or coastline. These custom maps can be saved with up to 2 million acres of coverage with 1-foot depth contours.

You’re able to share maps with other Garmin users wirelessly so others can benefit from your surveys. Striker Plus 4 even allows you to overlay Quickdraw mapping on top of built-in Garmin LakeVü maps for even greater detail. Quickdraw Contours mapping is a game-changer that lets you refine general maps into highly accurate charts tailored specifically for the way you fish.

GPS Capabilities for Waypoints and Navigation
The built-in high-sensitivity GPS not only enables Quickdraw Contours, but provides additional tools for waypoint marking and navigation. Easily mark the location of productive fishing spots, docks, or boat ramps using waypoints so you can return to them later. View realtime heading, speed, and temperature readings. You can even create routes for navigating from one waypoint to the next. Though not intended as a primary navigation source, Striker Plus 4 provides helpful GPS functionality for fishing.

Key Features:

– Dual-beam transducer with CHIRP sonar and ClearVü scanning

– Quickdraw Contours custom HD mapping software

– Bright 4.3″ display with keyed interface and bonded design

– Waypoints, routes, speed data with built-in GPS

– Traditional sonar views and Garmin’s Ultra High-Definition ClearVü

– Fish targets and structure shown with near-photographic detail

– Rugged, waterproof marine-grade construction

Get crystal clear scanning to see structure, vegetation and fish with greater precision using the Garmin Striker Plus 4. See more below the boat to find where fish are lurking. Map bottom contours, wrecks and fishing spots in vivid detail for future trips. Ruggedly designed for salt or freshwater fishing, Striker Plus 4 brings high performance fish finding to serious anglers at an affordable price.


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