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Gerrii Bulk Water Bottles – 15 Pack Employee Appreciation Gifts for Staff, Coworkers, Teachers




Share the Gift of Hydration with Customizable Bottles for Your Team

Staying hydrated throughout the workday is important for health, focus and productivity. With these 15 custom water bottles from Gerrii, you can help your team meet their daily water intake goals while showing your appreciation for their hard work.

Each BPA-free bottle is constructed from durable PET plastic that retains its shape over time. The thoughtful motivational messages like “Thank You” and “You’re Awesome” printed on the exterior add an extra thoughtful touch. Give them out during company meetings, celebrations or as end-of-year gifts so your staff knows their efforts are valued.

Built for Busy Lifestyles and Frequent Refills

Your team is always on the move, so their water bottle needs to keep up. The sturdy, leakproof construction of these Gerrii bottles makes them ideal for tossing in bags and drinking on-the-go. Each bottle holds 21.12 oz of liquid, enough to keep your recipients hydrated all day long.

The concave neck design allows for easy one-handed drinking, while the attached handle gives the option to wear it on your wrist or clip it to a backpack. Wherever the workday takes them, these #1 employee appreciation gifts will be there to provide cool, refreshing water when it’s needed.

Thoughtful Features That Make Hydration a Pleasure

Water bottles shouldn’t just hold liquid – they should make drinking more enticing and enjoyable. That’s why these appreciation gifts are ergonomically designed with features that turn hydration into a rewarding ritual:

  • Concave neck – Lets you grip and drink comfortably from any angle
  • Measurement markers – Help track daily water intake goals
  • Wide mouth – Adds ice cubes easily and fits under most water dispensers
  • Durable material – Free of BPAs and other harmful chemicals
  • Leakproof lid – Prevents spills and messes so belongings stay dry

Whether your team is hitting their steps for the day or working hard at their standing desks, they’ll appreciate being able to take quick sips without slowing down.

Customize with Your Brand for Impactful Recognition

Make your appreciation gifts even more meaningful by customizing the bottles with your brand or company colors. Add a logo or inspirational slogan so recipients think of your gratitude when they reach for their water bottle. Bulk orders over 100 units can be fully customized to perfectly match your brand personality and culture.

Use the bottles at team outings, store extras in the break room fridge or hand them out as spot bonuses for top performers. They’re budget-friendly appreciation gifts you can order anytime you want to show staff you value their commitment.

An Essential Gift to Boost Wellness and Morale

Staying hydrated is one of the simplest but most effective ways to improve energy, cognition and overall health. That’s why these useful water bottles make such powerful motivators. Give your team a gift that will truly enhance their day-to-day wellbeing while appreciating their contributions.

Other key benefits for your recipients include:

  • Improved mood – Even mild dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue and mental fog.
  • Increased alertness – Water helps oxygen circulate for sharper focus and concentration.
  • Healthier skin – Proper hydration keeps cells plump and restores moisture and elasticity.
  • Regularity – Drinking water gets digestive systems moving and prevents constipation.
  • Weight management – Water fills you up without adding extra calories or sugar.

When your team has unlimited clean water at hand, they’ll find staying at their best a little bit easier. Upgrade your company culture and show how much you value your staff with these affordable and useful appreciation gifts from Gerrii.


  • Quantity: 15 water bottles per pack
  • Material: BPA-free PET plastic
  • Capacity: 21.12oz / 600mL
  • Dimensions: 8.66 x 2.56 inches/ 22 x 6.5 cm
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Imprintable via vinyl decals or laser engraving
  • Bulk orders over 100pcs can be fully customized

Gift Bottles Proudly Made by Gerrii

Gerrii is dedicated to making promotional products that combine quality, customization and affordability. Their drinkware is engineered to withstand daily use thanks to durable materials and leakproof lids. Count on your branded bottles to promote hydration and boost morale for years to come.

Order Your Set of 15 Custom Water Bottles Now

Provide your team with a useful gift that promotes health, productivity and happiness on the job. Whenever they take a sip, they’ll be reminded how much you appreciate their efforts. Place your order today to get these employee recognition gifts delivered straight to your office or door.


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