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Go Power! TS-50 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch for Reliable Power Management


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The Go Power! TS-50 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch is the ideal solution for managing power from multiple sources for your RV, boat, tiny home, or off-grid application. With robust automatic switching between shore power and generator, the TS-50 keeps your essential appliances running during outages or when not connected to utility power.

Reliable Automatic Switching Between Shore Power and Generator

The TS-50 monitor shore power voltage and seamlessly switches to generator when utility power is lost. Once shore power is restored, it automatically switches back to shore power. This delivers continuous clean AC power to your panels and eliminates the need to manually switch cords during outages.

Compatible with Inverters and Generators

This 50 amp automatic transfer switch is designed for use with inverters up to 50 amps and generators up to 50 amps. The delay switch ensures safe switching between generator and shore power, preventing damage to your delicate electronics.

Easy and Professional Installation

Installation is straightforward with the TS-50. It comes with included knockouts for connecting to your shore power, generator, and electrical panels or subpanel. Wiring is simplified with clearly labeled terminals and ample interior space. The durable powder coated metal enclosure can be surface or recessed mounted.

Key Features:

  • Automatic switching between shore and generator power
  • 50 amp capacity for large inverters and generators
  • Delayed switching prevents damage to electronics
  • Knockouts for easy hardwired installation
  • Powder coated enclosure for indoor or outdoor mounting

Automatic Switching You Can Rely On

With a Go Power! automatic transfer switch like the TS-50, you don’t have to worry about losing power and damaging expensive equipment. The reliable automatic switching will provide seamless transition between your power sources.

This gives you peace of mind whether you’re living off-grid, dealing with frequent outages, or managing multiple power sources in your RV or boat. You can trust the TS-50 to handle the switching so you can focus on living life uninterrupted.


  • RV’s – Manage shore and generator power automatically
  • Tiny Homes – Seamlessly transition from utility to solar power
  • Boats – Never lose power between shore, inverter, and generator
  • Off-Grid Homes – Combine solar, wind and generator without interruptions
  • Backup Power – Keep essentials running during grid outages

Reliable Power Management from Go Power!

Go Power! has been leading the way in mobile and off-grid power solutions for over 15 years. Their automatic transfer switches are rugged, reliable, and easy to install. With innovative features and thoughtful design, the TS-50 makes power management simple.

For a worry-free automatic power switching solution, choose the Go Power! TS-50 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch. Order yours today and breathe easy knowing your essential appliances have a reliable power source no matter what life throws at you.


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