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GSI Outdoors Enamelware Percolator Coffee Pot – Vintage-Style Campfire Coffee Brewer for Outdoor Adventures


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Nothing beats the rich, aromatic flavor of coffee brewed over a campfire. With the GSI Outdoors enamelware percolator, you can savor a hot, freshly brewed cup of joe whether you’re roughing it in the backcountry or relaxing at a cabin retreat. This rugged, vintage-style percolator is built to last and designed to brew coffee just like the old days.

Brew Authentic Campfire Coffee

The GSI Outdoors percolator coffee pot harkens back to the original art of percolating coffee over an open flame. Unlike modern electric percolators, this classic enamelware percolator relies solely on heat and gravity to produce an old-fashioned, brew-filtered cup of coffee.

Place the percolator on any campfire or cookstove to heat the water inside. Once boiling, the water is cycled up a long metal tube then dripped over a suspended coffee filter basket. As the hot water interacts with the ground coffee, it extracts maximum flavor before dripping back down into the pot below. This process is continuously repeated until the desired brew strength is achieved.

The result is a rich, strong coffee with the bold, aromatic flavor that only campfire percolation can produce. Experience the timeless taste you can only get from perc coffee brewed the traditional way.

Durable Enamelware Design

This percolator coffee pot features a classic speckled enamelware finish that’s both handsome and functional. The carbon steel construction ensures excellent heat conductivity while the porcelain enamel exterior provides protection against scratches and chipping.

Each piece has been double kiln-hardened at 1000°F for unmatched durability. The finish resists staining and cleans up easily after every use. It won’t impart any metallic flavors either, so your coffee tastes just like it should.

Whether used daily at a rustic cabin or strictly for occasional backcountry trips, the sturdy enamelware construction is made to last. Enjoy percolator coffee for years to come with this high-quality pot that just gets better with age.

Optimized Brewing Performance

The GSI Outdoors percolator doesn’t just look retro, it’s engineered for optimal functionality too.

The vintage three-ply design with stainless steel inner layer evenly distributes heat for consistent extraction during the percolation process. The curved spout pours smoothly without dripping or splattering.

Measuring markings stamped right onto the pot let you easily gauge how much coffee you’re brewing. The stay-cool handle provides a safe, secure grip.

An unbreakable clear knob on the lid allows you to monitor coffee color as it perks. The stainless steel basket ensures excellent filtration too.

Every detail is thoughtfully designed to help you brew incredible campfire coffee with ease.

Perfect for Outdoor Recreation

Coffee just seems to taste better outdoors. The GSI Outdoors percolator is ideal for any outdoor adventure where you want to enjoy a hot, fresh brew.

Take it camping or RVing and perk up a pot over the campfire or camp stove. Bring it along for hunting trips, fishing expeditions, or hiking weekends.

Use it lakeside or at the cabin when you want rich, full-flavored coffee without fancy machine.

The enamelware percolator is engineered for outdoor recreation but looks just as good on the countertop or hearth of a cozy country home too.

Wherever you roam, freshly percolated coffee can go with you.

Designed for Durability

GSI Outdoors has over 30 years of experience building rugged, performance-driven outdoor equipment. They stand behind the quality and reliability of their products for years of use.

The enamelware percolator coffee pot is covered by GSI’s limited lifetime warranty which protects against defects in materials and craftsmanship.

Should any issues arise during ownership, GSI Outdoors will happily repair or replace your percolator so you can keep brewing great coffee.

With proper care, your enamelware percolator will last for generations, making it the perfect gift for avid campers, cabin owners, and coffee connoisseurs.

Brew Bold Coffee Anywhere

The GSI Outdoors enamelware percolator lets you brew bold, flavorful coffee wherever your travels take you. This vintage-inspired percolator combines classic heritage with durable construction for camping coffee that’s rich in both flavor and nostalgia.

Relish that unmistakable percolator coffee taste whether you’re sitting by the fire or the windowsill. Perk up your mornings and enjoy fresh cups of joe anytime.

If you want to experience authentic perc coffee flavor while exploring the great outdoors, the GSI percolator is the perfect brewing companion. Pick up this rugged enamelware coffee pot today for your next adventure.


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