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Hammers Full Size Telescopic Hunting Shooting Tripod w/Free Pivot V Yoke Mount and Quick Adjustable Flip Lock Legs Max Height 68″




Whether you’re a dedicated hunter or recreational shooter, having a sturdy and adjustable tripod can make all the difference in your accuracy and experience. This full-size telescopic tripod from Hammers provides the ideal rugged and adaptable shooting platform for hunters and marksmen of all levels.

Steady Your Shot from 25-68 Inches

The tripod’s light yet strong aluminum alloy legs extend from a compact 25 inches all the way up to 68 inches with quick flip locks for fast and simple height adjustments. The three section legs and triangular leg position provide a stable base that minimizes vibration and swaying on rough outdoor terrain. You can securely steady your rifle or crossbow for the perfect shot while standing, kneeling or sitting.

Quick and Easy Set Up

Setting up this tripod takes just seconds thanks to the quick flip locks on each leg section. Simply extend the legs out to your desired height, lock the flip levers into place and you’re ready to go. The tripod is also highly portable, folding down to only 34 inches in length for convenient carrying and storage in your vehicle.

All-Terrain Design

This tripod features slip resistant rubber feet to grip onto any surface. Whether you’re hunting in an open field or up on an elevated tree stand, the tripod provides a sturdy and shake-free support on dirt, rocks, grass, wood and other rugged terrain.

360° Panning V Yoke Head

The included v yoke mount gives you 360 degrees of horizontal panning capability, allowing you to easily track moving targets. The mount connects to standard 1/4-20 threaded accessories such as rifle rests, crossbow mounts, rangefinders and spotting scopes. You can precisely position your shooting device and pan left or right without disruption.

Durable Construction

Built from lightweight aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy, the tripod legs will hold up to years of outdoor use. The powder coated finish protects the legs from abrasion, minor dents and corrosion. This tripod can support over 22 lbs and is built to last season after season.

Universal Shooting Applications

This versatile tripod is great for hunting medium and large game like deer, hogs and bear. It’s perfect for crossbow hunters who need a fixed rest to sight in on quarry. The tripod is also an excellent platform for target shooting rifles, BB guns, pistols, airsoft guns, paintball markers and more. Adapt it to your needs with different accessory mounts.

Why Choose This Hunting Tripod?

  • Extends 25 to 68 inches for standing/sitting positions
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy legs
  • Quick flip leg locks for fast setup
  • Folds down to 34 inches for transport and storage
  • Slip resistant rubber feet grip terrain
  • Free 360° panning v yoke head
  • Powder coated finish protects from elements
  • Great for hunting rifles, crossbows, scopes & more

Set Up Your Steady Shooting Platform in Seconds

Stop trying to balance your firearms on rickety sticks and trees. A quality tripod makes all the difference for accurate shooting and safety. This full height hunting tripod from Hammers removes any wobble or shake from your shot. The instant flip lock adjustment lets you set the perfect height whether standing upright or kneeling down.

The tripod weighs under 5 pounds but provides a sturdy and vibration-free platform that can handle rifles, crossbows, bows and any other hunting arm you need to support. The precision V yoke pivoting head allows you to smoothly track your target without disruption. Take every shot with confidence knowing your equipment is dialed in.

Rugged Lightweight Design for Hunting and Shooting

Built from tubular 6061 aluminum alloy, this tripod provides strength and stability without excessive weight. The tripod weighs just over 4 pounds but the triangular leg position can handle over 20 lbs of gear. The durable powder coated finish protects the legs from scratches, scrapes and rusting.

Each flip lock lever allows fast and easy adjustment of the leg height. Just flip the clasp, extend each section and lock in place once you’ve reached your ideal height. The legs won’t slip or slide thanks to the textured rubber feet. Whether you’re standing upright, sitting or kneeling, you can set up the perfect shooting platform.

Universal Compatibility for All Your Hunting Setup

The included 360° panning v yoke mount connects to any standard 1/4-20 threaded accessory. Use it with gun rests, crossbow mounts, spotting scopes, rangefinders, cameras and more. You can accurately sight in your scope and pan left and right to track your target. Avoid any jostling or disruption of your aim.

The tripod is ideal for larger crossbows that are difficult to hold up and aim. Rest your bow securely on the yoke mount for accurate bolt placement shot after shot. The tripod offers hunters, target shooters and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds an adaptable shooting platform.


For rock-steady shooting every time you’re in the field, you need the right gear. This full-size telescopic tripod offers the perfect combination of ruggedness, portability and versatility. The lightweight aluminum alloy legs provide a shake-free base that you can quickly adapt to any shooting position or terrain. If you’re tired of makeshift supports in the wilderness, upgrade to this hunting essential now. Your next trophy is only a shot away.


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