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Hatch Bucket by Sea-Lect Designs – Storage Container for Select Lifetime Fishing Kayaks


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Keep your gear organized and within reach while paddling with the Hatch Bucket from Sea-Lect Designs. This convenient storage container is made to fit perfectly into the center hatch of popular Lifetime fishing kayak models. It creates an instant spot to stow small items you need quick access to on the water.

Fits Popular Lifetime Kayaks

The Hatch Bucket is sized to drop right into the center hatch on these Lifetime kayaks:

  • Tamarack Angler 100
  • Pro Angler 103
  • Weber Angler 110
  • Temptation 110
  • Spitfire 950T
  • Kokanee 106
  • Tioga 100

It may also work with other Lifetime models made in 2020 or later with a minimum 6 7/8″ hatch opening. Kayaks made before 2020 or those with screw on hatch lids may require some modification to fit the Hatch Bucket.

Organized In-Kayak Storage

The bucket shape with ribbed bottom creates an ideal in-kayak organizer. Store small tackle boxes, pliers, knives, and other small fishing gear inside. The ribbed construction keeps items out of water that collects in the bottom of the hatch.

Knockouts on the side accept knife and tool mounts, so you can secure your essentials. There’s also plenty of room for sunglasses, sunscreen, snacks, phone, wallet, keys and other small essentials you want close by.

Quick Access While Paddling

Having your must-have items stored in the open Hatch Bucket allows you to reach in and grab gear quickly. You don’t have to stop and dig through compartments to find what you need. Just a quick lean forward while seated lets you access the bucket.

Stowing frequently used items here keeps them handy, but also free of water that can collect at your feet. The Hatch Bucket keeps small gear and electronics elevated out of the bilge.

Made of Durable Plastic

Constructed from thick and rugged polyethylene plastic, the Hatch Bucket is made to hold up to heavy use. The material resists dents, cracks, and abrasion that can occur paddling in rough waters and hauling kayaks to the launch.

The tough plastic tub shape also floats if it gets knocked loose. So you won’t lose your gear overboard if the bucket gets free.

Proudly Made in America

From design to production, the entire process for the Hatch Bucket takes place at Sea-Lect Designs’ shop in the USA. It’s proudly crafted by a small team of real people who are kayak anglers themselves.


  • Made of durable polyethylene plastic
  • Ribbed bottom keeps items elevated
  • Knockouts for knife and tool mounts
  • Fits most phones, pliers, etc.
  • Works with several Lifetime kayak models
  • Made in USA by kayak anglers

Keep small gear handy without getting wet using the Hatch Bucket from Sea-Lect Designs. It creates organized in-kayak storage for Lifetime fishing kayaks.


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