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HealSmart Kayak and Canoe Tie Down Straps with Heavy Duty Ratchet and Hook System – Set of 6


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Taking your kayak or canoe on adventures requires a safe and secure tie down system to transport it. That’s why the HealSmart Kayak and Canoe Tie Down Straps are the perfect solution. This complete set of 6 heavy duty straps makes transporting your watercraft secure, easy, and efficient.

The adjustable ratchet and hook system ensures your kayak or canoe stays firmly attached to your vehicle during transport. Simply attach the two sturdy metal hooks to the anchor points on your roof rack, trailer, truck bed or other transport system. Then pull the strap tight until the kayak or canoe is fully secured. The unique ratchet mechanism locks the strap into place so it won’t loosen or come undone. When you’re ready to unload, just press the quick release lever to loosen the strap.

Constructed from premium thick polypropylene rope and zinc plated steel components, these straps are built to last through years of outdoor adventures. The rope won’t stretch, snap or fray over time, while the metal hooks and ratchet system resist rust, wear and tear. Each strap can hold up to 150 pounds for a total weight capacity of 900 pounds. That gives you confidence your watercraft will stay put no matter how bumpy the ride.

Taking your kayak or canoe along for water sports is a blast, but loading and unloading it can be a hassle, especially atop a vehicle. That’s why the HealSmart tie down straps make transport so much easier. Just connect the two hooks to anchor points and crank down the lever until tight. No more complicated knots to tie or loose straps flapping in the wind. The unique pulley system provides fast leverage so you can get the straps super tight in seconds.

The compact size packs down small so the straps tuck neatly away when not in use. They take up hardly any space in the trunk or gear bag. The bright neon color is also highly visible, ensuring you never misplace or lose them.

While specially designed for kayaks and canoes, the versatile tie down straps work great for securing all kinds of gear including:

– Luggage racks
– Bikes
– Surfboards
– Construction materials
– Furniture
– Generator or motor

With a 150 pound capacity per strap, they can handle light to medium duty jobs with ease. The adjustable design accommodates odd-shaped items that are difficult to tie down. Simply center the object, wrap the straps around securing points, then cinch down tight until the load won’t budge. No more worrying about your gear coming loose or falling over.

The HealSmart Kayak and Canoe Tie Down Straps are built for superior performance and durability:

– 8 foot strap length for versatile use
– Zinc plated steel hooks with spring loaded safety clasps
– Heavy duty polypropylene rope won’t stretch or deform
– Metal gears inside ratchet mechanism for smooth operation
– Quick release thumb lever to easily loosen strap
– 150 pound weight capacity per strap, 300 pounds per pair
– Neon color for high visibility

Take your kayaking, canoeing and outdoor adventures to the next level with these premium tie down straps. The innovative design provides fast, easy loading and unloading so you spend more time on the water. Order the HealSmart strap set today and enjoy more convenient transportation of your favorite watercraft.


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