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HOLDALL Emergency Pealess Safety Whistle with Utility Clip and Breakaway Lanyard – Loud 120dB Survival Whistles for Boating Kayaking Camping Hiking Backpacking


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Stay safe in any emergency situation with the HOLDALL pealess safety whistle. This ultra loud whistle produces up to 120dB of noise to signal your location from over 1 mile away. The bright yellow color and included lanyard make this whistle easy to locate if dropped or misplaced.

The HOLDALL features an innovative two chamber pealess design. With no moving parts or metal components, this whistle won’t freeze or jam in cold weather. The pealess construction also means it will never clog or break, ensuring reliability in wet environments. Just one short blow can produce an ear-piercing noise audible over background sounds.

HOLDALL Emergency Whistle

This multipurpose whistle includes both a breakaway lanyard and a utility clip. The breakaway lanyard safely detaches under force to prevent accidental choking. Attach the lanyard to your life jacket, belt loop, backpack, or other gear to keep the whistle accessible in an emergency.

The plastic utility clip also allows you to securely fasten the HOLDALL whistle to clothing, bags, belts, and more. Plus, the compact 2.4” x 1” size takes up minimal space. Stash this safety essential in your glove box, tackle box, gym bag, or emergency kit.

Stay Protected During:

Boating: Use the HOLDALL whistle to signal your location in open water. The lanyard allows you to attach to your life vest for quick access. Plus, the bright color makes it easy to locate if separated from your boat.

Hiking & Camping: Keep bears and other critters away with the loud noise. Use the utility clip to attach the HOLDALL whistle to your backpack or walking stick. The lanyard also prevents drops on rugged terrain.

Cycling: Alert cars and pedestrians when riding with a quick blow of the whistle. Attach it to your helmet strap, handlebars, or gear loops for easy access. The bright color aids visibility.

Kayaking: Stay visible while paddling and use the whistle to call for help. Attach the lanyard to your life vest for emergency use. The utility clip also secures it to your kayak.

Kids Activities: Give your kids extra safety with the ear-piercing 120dB HOLDALL whistle. Use the breakaway lanyard to attach to their life jacket or backpack. Add peace of mind during water sports, hiking, biking, and outdoor adventures.

Why Choose The HOLDALL Safety Whistle?

  • Ultra Loud 120dB – Audible for over 1 mile. Penetrating noise carries over background sounds.
  • Pealess Design – No moving parts. Won’t jam or freeze like metal whistles.
  • Utility Clip – Securely attaches to clothing, gear, bags, jackets, and more.
  • Breakaway Lanyard – Safely detaches under force. Prevents accidental choking.
  • Compact & Lightweight – Fits in emergency kits, bags, tackle boxes, glove boxes, and pockets.
  • Bright Yellow – High visibility color is easy to locate.

Stay safe on your next adventure with the HOLDALL emergency whistle. This loud signaling whistle never fails thanks to the innovative pealess and non-brittle construction. It provides reliable and easy operation for beginners but delivers professional-grade performance for search and rescue, boating, hiking, and emergency applications.


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